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Reality Check Needed by FL

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Oct 14, 2018
Hi guys, thank you for reading my concerns and any advice is great!


Currently I am living in a small town of about 4k people with my parents (which helps me to save some money on food and rent).

Now I theoretically know what I need to learn and do to start running small internet hustles like e-commerce shops, amazon FBA ect.

Question 1: So here is what I am not sure about is which way I should build capital : I need 10k just to test the internet waters through running ads , setting up stores , ect.

Do I earn it through my 8-5 job , which will take me around 8 months and after all those months of hard work and saving I might feel unconfident taking risk.


I can cut my job to 1 working day just to pay rent to my parents , learn a freelance skills (this could take up to 1-2 months maybe?) that is in demand on upwork and start working as a freelance and start increasing my payday from there. (just like MJ DeMarco did with websites)

The reason I am asking is I might have to burn through a lot of ventures to see what works and what doesn’t and the 8 month period just to get capital needed to test and try things?

I can also drop this plan and try joining an internet start-up or business and take on from there?

Please let me know what you think guys!

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May 12, 2016
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Easy. You do both.

Work a job. Do your side hustles. Grow that to where you can quit your job and do that full time.

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