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Real estate agent in Malaysia

Discussion in 'Process / Progress / Execution Threads' started by kimsteph, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. kimsteph

    kimsteph PARKED

    Jun 13, 2013
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    Hi all, greetings from Malaysia. Any Malaysians out there too? :)

    I am 19 and I just dropped out from college despite having only 3 months left to finish my diploma in business studies.
    Screw the certificate, I am not willing to waste my time and money on something that is useless for me.
    That is, after I read the book fastlane millionaire, I can't keep myself from leaving college. MJ, thank you for the book, it has led me to the biggest decision on my life.

    So, here is my thought, I was thinking to join a RE company and becoming an agent so that I can learn more about the world of REI. Imo, there are tons of things that I could learn by being an agent maybe for 1 or 2 years, such as knowledge, expertise in the field and some practical knowledge about how banking and finance actually works. All these which will be very helpful in whatever I am doing in the future.

    From what I see, there are quite a number of people that makes a living and even much more out of the commission working as an agent here in Malaysia. I am a very keen learner and I learn every single day from books and the Internet. I believe my thirst for knowledge and my ability effectively learn from the Internet can be great advantage over average people in the field.

    In short, my plan is to use RE agent as a tool in gaining knowledge and experience and most importantly it could provide me the chance to practice and exposure in this field, so that I can have adequate preparation before even getting into bigger stuffs, without any big investment or risk.

    I need your opinions and guidance!
  2. SeanKelly

    SeanKelly 110 kph Speedway Pass

    Aug 8, 2012
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    I only read your first few sentences but seriously.... You only have three months left and you dropped out? I don't favor college yet I think that was insanely moronic.

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