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Jun 13, 2020
Hello everyone!

First of all I am very grateful that this forum exists and there are people out here to help others for the greater good.
I am a 22 year old woman from the Netherlands and it is about time I get started on a sustainable income. A bit longer than a year ago I worked two jobs at a day almost every day in the week, not because it was necessary( it does help to pay my tuition fee tho), but to teach myself a valuable lesson: working s*cks and gives me zero satisfaction or challenges. I have seen people of 40 years old working in the same shop with getting less than me (I was 20 years then, not even old enough to get the full minimum wage, but because I did a sales job I got more). Besides that I would rather die than doing a brainless job the rest of my life I also didn’t want to become a spoiled rich powerful person who is looking down on these people, doesn’t respect and takes advantage of these people.

So I had to come up with another plan and started a study which I find very interesting, but am already at 12.000 debt. My vision has always been to start a company of my own someday, but having a successful biotech company will cost millions(considering I have my own lab). I will have to start with something small. I have been trying to come up with ideas for months, but there are so many options out there and I’m a bit lost at what to choose. It needs to be something that can be outsourced easily, because after having enough capital I want to dive into the subjects I really like working on(synthetic biology, biotechnology and space). I was thinking about YouTube( my partner has experience with editing), dropshipping, writing E-books, or the find product- improve -sell - stand out and make profit( if I am correct this is called private labelling?). Along with some other questions what would be the best choice for low budget and easily outsourceable? Trying multiple different options seems tempting, but from what I read on here it is better to focus on one thing and in a month college starts and I cannot keep up multiple things on the side. Or start with Youtube and from there promote your own E-books/E-course/ products?
  • Is it worth investing in a mentor to learn the ins and outs of e-commerce? If yes would you recommend someone and if not what are the better options?
  • I can get a student loan of 1000 euros per month, which I can use for investing, because having capital to actually start something meaningful is the biggest issue I’m dealing with currently. However, this loan has to be paid back, with 0% interest since the loan system was introduces, but the government can change this every year and they are planning to increase it. Would this be a smart move or am I just getting myself in trouble with this option, considering I have very little experience in investing?
  • When choosing to find a product to improve it and send the improved design to the manufactures. For instance mova globe is patented, how do you know you are not violating their rights by changing their product? And how do you know the product you want to choose interests enough people?
  • Is it worth paying 39 euro/ month for jungle scout in the absolute beginning? Or would maybe later be better?
  • Making E-courses/E-books, I am a bit skeptical about it. To me it seems that is a lot of work with not much results, there are a lot of free e-courses and YouTube for free, but it is something that sounds appealing if you pick a topic that interests you for instance meditating.
  • I have read a lot of information on this forum how not to start and which business not to get into( the ones most often with a low threshold and less work), but how do you start then? Taking that first step is quit hard.. Don’t get me wrong I am willing to put a lot of effort and time in this, but when you are already struggling and you invest a lot of time and money in something and it doesn’t pay of it is very frustrating. So that is why I want to come up with waterproof plan and I hope you can help me with that.
I have been enjoying the forum a lot so thank a lot everyone for sharing your experiences, I will share mine as well. Also tonight the Millionare Fastlane will arrive and I am very excited to start reading it.

Sorry if this part of the forum is only meant for introductions!

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