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Platinum Contributor
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Apr 28, 2017
‍☠️ Eastern Europe (or UK)
--- BIG UPDATE 8th March 2021 ---

You just opened this thread, and you MISSED the LIVE Funnel Masterclass, where we went over everything you need to build your very own 7-figure eCommerce business.


However, now that the bad news is out of the way, let’s get to the good news…

The good news is that we’ve made the replay of the Masterclass available, and it replays once every 15 minutes.

All you have to do is choose a time, sign up, and you’ll be able to watch it, and go over the same process, in 100 minutes, with thorough explanations from two top direct response experts, who have helped multiple businesses scale well into the 7-figures.

At the end you’ll leave with your first eCommerce funnel ready to go, even if you started with NOTHING except your commitment and determination.

Inside the Masterclass we’ll share with you the tools, techniques and strategies the very best eCommerce entrepreneurs use to set up and scale their businesses and you’ll learn how YOU can also create millions of dollars in value, starting from practically nothing!

In fact, in just 100 minutes you’ll be able to have your first funnel ready to go and start taking orders. And that’s true even if you don’t even have a product yet.

And that’s not all – even though this isn’t live, you’ll still have the ability to ask us questions. Any question you ask during your session will be emailed to us, and you’ll get an answer by email, usually within 24 hours. So you get the replay, AND coaching, as if you actually participated during the live event.

Since the Live Masterclass was SUPER VALUABLE (check out some of the testimonials below), and we want to get committed action takers to join, we have put a price on the replay. But do not worry, it’s not what you’d expect for this kinda value… it’s just $13.

All we want to do is make sure that you’re committed to make this happen, because the knowledge that you’ll get inside will be more than enough if you actually take action on it. And as a token of our appreciation to the forum and @MJ DeMarco ’s work, we’ll donate 20% of the income from this to support the Fastlane Forum.

(If you’re a freebie seeker instead or you’re not ready to take action I suggest you start with the FREE eCom Trends report which will instruct you about the latest trends in the eCommerce industry, and show you how the biggest players are making their money).

Unlike other Masterclasses, this isn’t a “listen to a guru blabber” or “listen to a sales pitch” thing – no, it’s an actual practical workshop where you’ll take action and leave with a funnel by the end of 100 minutes. If you want to take action, and actually make things happen, then this is made FOR you.

While conventionally, inside a Masterclass you’ll get a system thrown at you, and then it’s up to figure it out and make it work, this isn’t how this will be run. Rather, inside this Masterclass we actually SHOW YOU exactly HOW to implement the system LIVE, in practice. You’ll have instructions and insight into everything we do, so that you can follow along with us and by the end you can have your own sales funnel ready to start taking orders!

Inside you will be:

- Picking and validating your market and niche so that you’re in a HOT, HUNGRY MARKET where demand is high and people are literarily fighting over your products;

- Finding the right audience and building a buyer persona to gets into the mind’s of your prospects and uncovers their deepest pain points and desires which will make them flip out their wallets and hand you their money;

- Understanding problems and sourcing products that solve them, so that you’re providing maximum value;

- Analyzing competitors to find opportunities and gaps in the market, which will enable you to position your business so that you get a competitive advantage from the get-go;

- BUILDING a complete, functional, sales funnel ready to explode your revenues, and taking advantage of the recent switch to sales funnels of some of the most profitable eCommerce stores;

- How to easily find and create deliverables for your custom funnel, so that you have irresistible offers that your customers can’t but desire;

- Direct Response Copywriting ideas and salesmanship in print – learn how to use killer copy to make the sale and get rich;

- Generating traffic with paid ads and ensuring good ROI – no more wasting thousands to test ads only to know that you’ve failed. Test cheap, test fast, get results, scale to 6 or 7-figures!

- And many lil' nuggets of gold you'll only find inside!

Want to build a CENTS business?

Yes, inside the masterclass we cover a method of building an eCommerce business that is both novel, highly profitable, and can help you build a CENTS based eCommerce business.

You’ll NOT be using a standard Shopify store to make your sales – instead, you will be relying on a much more powerful method, which uses sales funnels.

Sales funnels are really the pinnacle in marketing for eCommerce at the moment. And here’s why, following the CENTS framework, sales funnels are superior:

When you sell via a 3rd party platform like Amazon or Alibaba or whatever it is, even the more niche and local ones, you lose control. Many people have built very large Amazon businesses, scaling to $1,000,000 and beyond, only to find out that their Seller Central Account got banned – in a single day.

So all that revenue went to 0. You don’t want to waste your time building a business only to have it taken away from you by the Three Stooges.

In addition, by ditching third-party platforms and generating your own traffic & customers via sales funnels, you OWN your buyer’s data. You have full control. And you end up, over time, not even being reliant on advertising, because you have your own customer data base. On Amazon, you never even know the emails of your customers – effectively, you are building Amazon’s business, not your own. With the model shared inside, you TAKE BACK CONTROL… you learn to generate your own traffic, and build your own client list.


As everyone knows, starting a regular Shopify storefront (or Amazon FBA biz) is easy. That’s why everyone is doing it, and conversion rates are decreasing by the day. The barriers to entry are almost non-existent. The ocean is bloody already… too much competition. On the other hand, the new model is harder and more complex. Most people don’t know about it. And if they do, they lack the direct response skills to implement it properly. The same skills you’ll be learning inside the Masterclass!


The biggest thing when it comes to satisfying the commandment on Need with eCommerce is choosing the right product for the right market. The new model will give you a bigger and louder megaphone, allowing you to amplify the need your product solves. Furthermore, as mentioned before, you make the buying process easier for your customers and more personalized, which solves the additional needs of making online shopping easier. And this is true regardless of what you choose to sell.

And in addition to all this, we’ll show you how to identify a HUNGRY MARKET that’s waiting with their wallets out for you, AND how to source the right product for them. A killer combination!


As you know from TMF , a real business doesn’t just give you wealth, but it also gives you FREEDOM (or time). This model is fully automated – you don’t need to be present day and night once you have created all the systems. You pretty much need a fulfillment system, and a distribution system. And with the new model both can work, once set up, with a minimum of personal time involvement – giving you FREEDOM, and detaching your sales from your time.


And finally, in eCommerce using this method, if you have the right sales system that provides value, and you don’t rely on 3rd parties, there is nothing that stops you from scaling to millions. This new system shows you how. We will show you the EXACT tactic you need to employ so that you’ll be willing to spend MORE than your competitors to get a client, and STILL turn a bigger profit than they do.

So take action, support the forum, and make your wildest dreams come true. Start building your 7-figure eCommerce business TODAY.


Old OP Starts here...​

1PM EST / 10AM PST / 7PM CET - March 2nd 2021 - Secure Your Seat Now!​

Are you ready to finally quit action-faking and take real action, that can get you up and running and ready to make sales in as little as 100 minutes, even if you currently have NO experience, NO product, and NO idea?

Sure, you won’t build the next Facebook in 100 minutes, but you can surely make your first bucks in an online, eCommerce business. And if you’re currently STUCK or not sure what to do, then this is exactly what you need to get some momentum going.

On the other hand, if you already run a successful eCommerce business, don’t click that back button just yet, because here’s the thing: I’m going to run a Funnel Masterclass along with one of my top direct response copywriters & business consultants, where we go through our proven process for building 6 and 7-figure sales funnels for online business owners, so that you can follow along, and at the end of 100 minutes, have your own funnel ready to go.

We’ll share with you our EXACT 4-step methodology to building a front-end funnel, that we have perfected through working as consultants & marketing strategists for multiple Inc. 500 entrepreneurs (fastest growing companies in America), Google Premier Partners, and online millionaires.

Why Sales Funnels?

Nowadays, sales funnels are quickly becoming the go-to method for customer acquisition for some of the most successful eCommerce businesses after the C0VlD-19 pandemic, who have achieved spectacular growth.


Well, sales funnels give an eCommerce business a competitive advantage in marketing. They lead to higher conversion rates than regular Shopify stores, and through immediate 1-click upsells to higher average transaction values on first-time purchases. And if you can make more money up front than your competitors on your customers, then you can outspend the competition and take over the market!

(Btw… if you’re interested in how powerful sales funnels are, check out this article where I break down how a 7-figure business uses funnels to acquire customers and CRUSHES it, despite having a poor product, customer service and idea.)

As competition gets fiercer, you need every advantage that you can get. And having an advantage in marketing is critical. In addition, sales funnels put you in the driver’s seat and allow you to acquire customers that you OWN – without relying on a third-party platform such as Amazon which can pull the plug at any time and kill your business (CONTROL!).

YOU Will Have A Funnel Ready To Make Sales By The End of 100 Minutes!

And this is what makes this masterclass special. This is not some boring old sales pitch, where you come listen to a “guru” sell you something for one hour and a half.


This is actually an action-packed session where YOU build your own funnel, following our proprietary methodology which we’ll share with you. In fact, my direct response copywriter and I will be building a funnel alongside with you, using these same principles, in that exact time.

That’s our challenge.

And the goal of this is that by the end of those 100 minutes, all you have to do is click a button, turn the ads on, and you’ll be ready to start making sales.

To make this possible, we will provide you with a 1-click install funnel template, all you have to do is change a few images, tweak our tested copy formulas, and you’ll be ready to go! So this makes sure that a LOT of the funnel optimizations are already built-in to the funnel you’ll be creating.

Don’t Have A Product?

No worries! We’ll show you how to get started without one, and we’ll be doing the same ourselves. If you already have products, even better! The methods you’ll learn will be even more powerful!

And Yes… It’s FREE!

Initially, I planned this masterclass so that it would be free just for people who have bought into my paid course. However, I thought that, since this is the first one in a long time, I might as well give all of you guys the chance to participate for free.

As I mentioned the masterclass will be like a workshop – so get ready to take MASSIVE action and start making sales.

And for those of you who are interested to work directly with either myself or my direct response copywriter, we will have a special, heavily discounted offer at the end, in the last 10 minutes (we usually work for $7K or more – this will be MUCH more affordable). This is mostly for those of you who already have successful online businesses and want someone to help you optimize further or implement the funnel method for you, OR for those who want to supercharge your success from the get-go.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the special offer or not, you’ll be able to leave the masterclass with a working funnel of your own.

Limited Seats – Grab Yours Now!

Because we actually want to interact with you and make sure that you’re getting along well, we will have limited seating available, so that we have enough time to interact with everyone. This means that if you’re interested, you want to secure your seat as fast as possible. Also keep in mind that this isn’t the only place where we’re promoting!

I haven’t yet decided if we’ll be running this again in the future for free, so this may be your only chance. So if you’re interested, click this link to find out more and book your seat!

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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007


Platinum Contributor
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Apr 28, 2017
‍☠️ Eastern Europe (or UK)
Almost 24 Hours Left - If You Want To Build Your Funnel, Sign Up Now!

So we're close guys. Tomorrow, in a bit over 24 hours we'll get started, and the goal is that we'll give you everything you need, including going through the process ourselves, so that you can build your FIRST FUNNEL in 100 minutes or less, with us.

Are you tired of procrastinating, sittin' on the sidelines and dreaming about being an entrepreneur, while others cruise right past you at full speed ahead?

Stop dreaming. Take action, sign up today, and force yourself if you have to, to show up, go through the motions, and get some momentum going. You can do this, and it all starts with the first step. Signing up. Once you do that, you'll start feeling motivated, you'll start feeling energized and ready to go.

You've probably missed hundreds of opportunities until today. And now you have a chance to change that. Don't miss this one. Take action. Get on top of it. Make yourself successful.

Nothing can stand against you if you take action and you have the right strategies. Get your first online sales tomorrow. Join us.



New Contributor
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Jun 22, 2020
I just wanted to say what a great experience it was!

One thing is to read online some tutorial on funnel building, another is to have someone walk you through it live.

The guys answered all the questions I had - I got a lot of value out of this.

The included templates are super useful, and I really hope there is gonna be another event like it!
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Expect success, but prepare to fail.
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May 21, 2016
This was amazing! After getting @Black_Dragon43 5-step course and going back and forth with him about building funnels, solving problems, and building trust with customers this masterclass was simply amazing. It answered so many questions that I had which weren't yet answered and the guys just showed a concrete example in 100 minutes. It's insane.

Honestly, I've been on the forum for so long now, and if you guys aren't taking every opportunity that's available for you on here then sorry, you are at a huge loss.

For everyone who is in doubt, it's just 100 minutes! You can gain so much...

They go from crafting a buyer persona, understanding their needs and wants, choosing a product, building a funnel, and writing copy. What else do you want? Don't want to do this "shit" then go and pay the guys if you have the money... they'll literally walk you hand in hand to get the same thing done.

Also, if @Black_Dragon43 wasn't of true value, he would have been kicked out a long time ago.

As for me, I'm super happy I joined. It was very educational and entertaining too :) That's my honest $0.02.


Platinum Contributor
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Apr 28, 2017
‍☠️ Eastern Europe (or UK)

Thanks for the great feedback @lemon.drop and @eTox and for everyone else who reached out via PMs or email thanking us for this Masterclass. It was great doing this event for you guys, and I'm PUMPED that you go so much value out of it.

I received a lot of emails from people who hadn't signed up on time, so we've decided to make the Masterclass evergreen. It will replay once every 15 minutes, ANYONE can join, AND we've also set it up so that any questions you guys ask will be emailed to us, and we will try getting back to you within 24 hours!

Since we want this to be just for committed action-takers we've also added a fixed price to get access to the replay for those who didn't participate in the live event: just $13, basically nothing for the value provided. We intend to pay 20% of the price as a donation to the forum to support MJ's work here. Guys who participated in the live event have free access to the replay.

The OP has been updated at the very top to take this into account. Please read there for more details, and you can reserve your seat there, or using the link below:



Silver Contributor
Read Fastlane!
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Dec 5, 2013
Over here, over there.
Yo. It was really great tag-teaming on this masterclass and teaching people how to quickly and effectively get started selling stuff online. (I'm the copywriter guy btw)

So I thought I'd finally drop in and say a few words about the whole thing.

Working on setting everything up and the whole process was really enjoyable. In particular, synthesizing and distilling what is a lot of high-level practical knowledge into just about 2 hours was a super interesting challenge and one that it seems we've successfully handled.

My biggest takeaway has to be that it is actually possible to set up a sales process from scratch (even without an idea) with just a few hours of work... and all the time I've spent over the years beating around the bush was mostly time spent not creating value through commerce.

Judging from the awesome questions everyone has been asking and the genuine interest they've expressed, as well as their cool products and sites (and sales!) they've been passionately sharing with us over the past few weeks, the process can even be fun and rewarding. At least for some people I guess haha. It sure is for me, as I've been also working on my own stuff in a similar fashion.

And we've been working on making it even easier and more versatile post-factum.

One person was wondering if they could plug our templates into their Wordpress website without having to rebuild them from scratch. So we took some time and rebuilt the template ourselves so they could better invest their time on what they're best at. Now you and all other attendants can too, if it's helpful. The more we can lessen resistance to people's action, the better.

Because it's super cool seeing people take action and grow together with their business! So I want to give back a bit and help those who're maybe not yet ready to take this leap into greatness.

The Linchpin for success is Mindset.

If you're here, you've probably read TMF so you've already got a huge head start compared to the average person. I was fortunate enough to read the book many years ago. It led me to great insight and understanding, enabled me to escape my fated dead-end slowlane path and build actually valuable skills, help real people, and, ultimately, attain the freedom I was craving so much. I was even fortunate enough to have access to really smart people that taught me how the mind works and how to work on it to not hold yourself back... And all the huge wealth of knowledge contained on this forum... For years.

But that wasn't enough.

You see, these years were filled with ups and downs, highs and lows... fluctuations on top of a baseline of freedom and comfort. My skills and knowledge lifted me out of every downturn, but my mindset dragged me back down to my comfort zone. I've passed on millions over the years, because they would threaten the balance I had become accustomed to. Responsibilities, ugh!

There was no fear or insecurity. I had already worked through my limiting beliefs. I was in control of my thoughts and my actions and most things were perfectly aligned for success... but my feelings said I had better things to do. Effortless comfort trumped effortful, uncertain, apparently marginal gains.

The breakthrough came when I decided to take my feelings seriously.

I had always just pushed them into a corner of my mind while I reasoned my way through stuff, not really trusting them enough to give them voice, but their influence was still there. And the pushing part took a lot of energy. I didn't realize it, but the status quo was itself plenty effortful. Holding things back and maintaining balance was hard work. And it eroded the trust in myself that got me this freedom in the first place.

So why not let things loose and get imbalanced? Why can't the imbalance be positive?

I was avoiding big upsides out of concern for the small downsides. So I challenged myself to stop holding back and listen to my feelings more. Just let them judge things themselves for a bit. What's the worst that could happen? And it wasn't long until I started discovering things. People, excitement, more freedom... and new limiting beliefs. Those hadn't been fully resolved... they were just shoved in a closet.

Things were being covered up and I had been dishonest with myself. So now I worked through them again, not just with a rational approach, but also together with my feelings. The things I thought I knew for years were suddenly just so... different.

Since then, there have still been ups and downs, only they've been higher and higher. Things still aren't effortlessly positive, but they're no longer a chore. And, unsurprisingly, the ups have been way higher than the downs. So, when before things would swing around a decent-enough baseline, now they swing around an ever-higher existence full of cool stuff and progress.

Freedom grows. Wealth grows. Relationships grow. That's imba.

If I had been taking action to this extent since I finished reading TMF many years ago, how much more could I have grown? I wonder.

So if you, yourself, want to grow. If you want to be independent and autonomous, free, but secure and confident. If you want quality people to like and trust you and work with you to build a better future together...

You first have to be honest with yourself. Work on your mindset. Trust yourself. Stop holding yourself back.

Start by asking yourself questions, and actually listening! Not just to your logic, but also your feelings. They'll both be wrong sometimes, and that's fine, but listen genuinely and communicate to find your truth. Ask yourself why.

Why do you want the things you want? Why are you going down this path?

Then dig deeper and figure out your purpose, your reason, your goals. Find your own best course of action that leads you on a valuable journey all the way to your goals.

Do this periodically.

The tools are out there. The answers are within you. Information is everywhere.

All you need to do is just get up, communicate, and act!

The good news is... this masterclass will show you some of the steps we've taken in our own valuable journey, so you can see how your own new path on the Fastlane compares. They might not be the same as your own ideal journey. But the lessons learned will surely serve as useful insight.

And a great benefit for people who’ve participated is that it stress tests their current mindset and points out the limits. It exercises the skills needed to act and, most importantly, it proves that you’re capable of creating value.

So I recommend you participate and follow along. You’ll learn sound principles and techniques you can use to sell, in ecommerce, but also your skills and expertise as a freelancer, coach, service provider, or anything else.

And if you discover anything during the process that’s holding you back from your onward ascension...


Answering great questions and helping great people get even greater is the best part of this whole thing. That’s why communities like this forum are so valuable.

We’ve also started a group to get these great people together and help each other directly whenever there’s a gap of knowledge, a faltering will, a lack of accountability. All participants are invited, no matter the stage of our journey. And our learning process will serve to build a common repository of success-building knowledge that you’ll be able to create value with your whole life.

Some valuable stuff if you ask me...

May your journey lead to greatness,
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