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Raising money from the accredited.

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Aug 14, 2014
Has anyone ever raised money from the accredited? If so, how did you go about it?

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Aug 24, 2007
There are lots of avenues to raise money from private individuals, but generally speaking, they fit into two categories:

1. Angel investors. These are professional investors (usually individuals) who invest in startup businesses. You can find them through business/entrepreneur networks, incubators, etc. They will underwrite your business similarly to VCs, but with their own goals in mind. They will likely specialize in a single industry/niche, but if you meet their criteria, investing is their business. They typically have set terms for investment (or will define terms based on your investment), and there likely isn't much negotiation room.

2. Friends/Family. These are people you know who have funds available and who may invest based on their relationship with you (in addition to any underwriting they do). These may be professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc) who have a good bit of assets or anyone with a large retirement fund willing to take a risk. Each individual will have different goals and risk tolerances, so you'd likely have to tailor the investment to them.

Is there one or the other that you're talking about? What specific questions do you have?

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