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[Question] Instagram (Affiliate) Marketing

Social media marketing, advertising, and growth


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Apr 21, 2017
Hi guys. I recently started promoting an eBook that focuses on mastering Instagram skills, (Promoting it as part of an affiliate program). I don't know how to approach people and DM them because I always feel like I'm being that stereotype of the person who just promotes crap. The thing is I think the eBook is full of value and can actually help people.
I would really appreciate if you guys could give me some tips and strategies on Instagram marketing, and your own opinion of how you would approach trying to sell an eBook to someone.
Thanks a lot!
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Eden H

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Nov 19, 2017
lol you are from Israel too, awesome :D
actually a bit sentimental for me.

Affiliate marketing is really becoming big in our country, and I actually started to educate myself about that just recently in order to promise myself a skill that can generate money with less supervision - put the cashflow into my fast-lane project.

well, if you are marketing to the local people (meaning, the ebook is in Hebrew and for Israeli citizens) - the people are hard and grumpy to sell to.
I dread selling to locals, because none of them wants to get scammed, and are not afraid to put down sellers.
If you are marketing to a greater audience, it's more...general, I would say.
both way I can recommend you this tips:

  • follow/study about great marketing people (one of the people I follow is Grant Cardone - his almost mental craziness is somehow inspiring)
you can get started with this article

I must say - sometimes, the information is not even practice for your situation - especially affiliate marketing online. but the point is - most marketers have the same problems and experience with customers - so it's making it easier to hear that it's out there.

  • study copy-writing in DEPTH - I am still learning
  • google it/youtube/reddit etc - here's a piece from Gary Vaynerchuk - he has more content about Instagram, he likes it lol
  • regarding the eBook specifically - I would personally target the ROI (return on investment) that the product can give the customer (because eBooks are not something everyone find legit all the time), give it to them straight forward (easy on the language, keep it casual and light toned), and assuming your pitch is not set in stone and you are not automating the pm - dynamic and personal to the user account just a little bit (maybe he posts lots of picture of his dog, and you can compliment the dog).
anyway, whatever you may end up doing - they will realize it's a sales pitch - you have nothing to do about it. just be sincere, make sure you understand you customers needs (and if he has any need for the product), and if someone makes you feel like you are a low-vale sales person, think about that - haters are just confused fans. Not many people know the basics of sales and marketing, and even less are willing to put in the work to learn to.

It's hard, and painful and people can be cruel.
It's just the way it is. But you can get better. remember, thanks to the internet, there are more than enough people to talk to - you can never reach all, and you can always have a fresh start.

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