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Publishing an online book

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Platinum Contributor
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Aug 10, 2007
Austin, TX
I have a friend who wrote a poker book. Once he gets it published I have no doubt it will be one of the best poker books on the market(no exaggeration) Is going the online route a good idea? What type of money can you make going that route, and how would you go about doing it?


Aug 13, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
Are you talking about selling hard copies of the book online, or selling it in e-book format availible for download?

It could honestly be the absolute best poker book in the world hands down. But if nobody knows about the book, it wont sell a single copy. It's going to all depend on how well he markets it I would say.
I'm no expert on interent marketing. But for starters, I would probably try the following.

1. Start a poker blog or align myself with a good one that already exsists. Make the book the main focus of the blog.
2. Write poker articles and submit them. Be sure to plug the book in them all.
3. Make some poker tips with a video camera and upload them to all the viral video sites.
4. Try to get some affiliates on Commision Junction to push the books
5. Learn about PPC (Adwordds) advertising and do some testing with that.
6. Do a press release.

Those are just a couple of my thoughts off the top of my head that can be done for little or no cost and can keep him busy for a while.


Bronze Contributor
Jul 25, 2007
I like the eBook option for your friend's poker book.
Because he can add photos or even video of the game or hands.
Make it more e than book (yeah, groaner).
I think that's the future of eBook anyway.

As for the number of copies sold,
eBook (without the video and the photos) is still niche.
However the production costs are low
and he could leverage the earnings into print or audio
(iPod happy anyone?).

There are tons of Vegas, gambling, and poker sites
that would help him market,
especially if he sets up an affiliate program
(or trades a bit of content).


Bronze Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Aug 29, 2007
Aurora, Co
Hit the source, start bragging about it on pocketfives and 2+2. If they see a successful poker player bragging about, that will sell many books to start with.


Aug 13, 2007
The Woodlands, TX
Drawback to ebooks is every 14 year old kid on the interent is going to rip it off and sell it themself. If I was going to do an ebook, it would be something I did not put much effort into.


New Contributor
Oct 7, 2007
Agreed.... if it TRULY is going to be one of the best poker books available, I would not digitize it because then it's too hard to enforce copyright.

However, if he cares more about making money from it than getting credit for it, then ebooks cost nothing to print so the profit margin is near 100% and there is no bigger market than worldwide and no better distribution method than the internet for reaching that market.


Bronze Contributor
Jul 25, 2007
Well, if you really want to make money with the book,
get advertisers for it.
For example:
Get a casino sponsorship so instead of using the generic casino,
you use the casino's name.

Get enough advertising $'s and you won't care if the book is ripped off.
Actually that'll work out better for your next book.
You could hike the rates (bigger distribution).

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