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Progress Thread Progress Thread: Food+Beverage Company

Discussion in 'Process / Progress / Execution Threads' started by Genium, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Genium

    Genium 100 kph Speedway Pass

    Jan 6, 2013
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    Hello forum,

    You may have seen my thread about my knife company I started months back called CeramiPro. Things are progressing with that and I am still put most of my time and effort into it, but I have a new venture beginning that I will be part of.

    My dad owns a tax accounting firm here in Scottsdale, and has a ton of clients/contacts, and we know someone that has killer salsa, that he makes in his kitchen and we buy it from him. My dad also has a tea recipe that tastes delicious, that he has built over time.

    Our goal is to bring a salsa to market, as well as a tea. The first focus will be the salsa. We are probably going to be giving the original salsa maker a percentage of equity.

    Our short term plan is to figure out exactly what is needed to get a product into Costco, as well as the testing/certifications we will need to bring a food product to market. Then we will figure out manufacturing and production.

    I am going to be the CEO I guess, handling marketing, branding, etc. But my dad and the potential investors we could bring on through his contacts will also play big roles I am sure. The good thing is, I am not risking anything other than my time, but at the same time I will learn a lot about the industry, as well as potentially make some great money, since I can probably make this process go faster, with capital behind me.

    If anyone has any tips/inside knowledge into the food/beverage industry as far as testing/approval goes, I would love to know. Do we just need to get FDA approved? Time to do some heavy research :)

    - Tyrel Johnson
  2. CommonCents

    CommonCents 140 kph Speedway Pass

    Apr 14, 2009
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    Look into costco "roadshows". They have new vendors come in to a store and sample/sell product from a booth. A good way to test.
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  3. DeletedUser17

    DeletedUser17 Guest

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    Can you give us an update on what you have learned and how it's going?

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