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Phenomenal news: major newspaper story and $10K/mth new cash flow


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Aug 4, 2007
Hey everyone!

I can't hold this in anymore, but next week, if things work out right, a project I have been working on might finally bear fruit to the tune of $10K/mth. If so, I think that'll boost me into the fast lane! Better still, the on-going cash flow only requires 30-60 minutes of my time per month, and I could probably outsource that. Even if it doesn't work, my two other companies will still do very well. I'm good either way! Contractual issues prevent me adding details, but I think that it would just confuse the matter anyway. Once the project is going, providing it is successful, I'll fill you all in on what it is.

Second piece of cool news is that I got a call today saying that our equivalent of the Wall Street Journal wants to do a story on me. I don't know when and it's not confirmed yet, but still very cool. I was in our biggest (serious) non-financial newspaper last year with a half page article as well. It's very exciting!

I had a hard start to the year, but I think it's like Seth Godin's book, The Dip. Figure out if the hard stuff you are going through is the right hard stuff, and then push through it. If it's the wrong hard stuff, quit.

Sorry this post doesn't have an educational purpose, but I thought besides venting my excitement before I burst, it might inspire some people :)


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Aug 8, 2007
Re: Phenomenal news: major newspaper story and $10K/mth new cash

Congratulations! It's cool to see others make it. I hope to join you soon.:hurray:


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Jan 31, 2008
Re: Phenomenal news: major newspaper story and $10K/mth new cash

That is exciting! You plugged in the money printing machine, didn't you?:idx: Awesome!

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