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OFF-TOPIC paypal/ebay

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Nov 12, 2007
suburbs of savannah in Ga
im not the type to cry wolf or pass along crazy emails or wild rumors but....

on a private paid members only website I belong too theres a thread about paypal. it looks as tho about 7 people(at least thread still going) on the site had their paypal accounts hacked over the weekend.

Just a warning to check your online accounts and make sure everything is up to snuff with them and maybe change your passwords...(the worst ones had the same passwords used for their emails paypal and ebay... emails being sent from their email accounts and people bidding nad buying stuff off of ebay with their paypal accounts. one was 200bucks from a paypal acct to an online gambleing site...)

lets just say that they are all horrible situations and I am only posting this to hopefully avoid this for anyone here.(Ive checked all mine all a-ok with me but I dont have any money to steal in or attached to my accounts)

Like I said I wouldnt just believe anything anyone told me. this is a private members only site and ive been chatting with these ladies since I totally believe this is legit or I wouldnt have posted.

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