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Aug 17, 2016
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Do you have a digital marketing agency or know someone who does? Are clients backing off of SMM and SEO spending because of the pandemic? I have the solution for you: offer them my service, bring me in as a partner, and I'll cut you in on half my take-home.

OK spill the beans ...

What's this guy got? I have a site pixel that deterministically resolves the ID (that means they get a name and contact information) for 50% of US site visitors. All that paid or organic traffic they're driving to the site? (Because the buyer is already considering and evaluating options and doing so on your clients site.)


What could your client do if they could reach out and talk to half of them? Do you think they could make some more sales? Maybe a LOT MORE sales?


If the persons is already at the site, how close are they to buying from your client in the path to purchase? Your client's leaving money on the table and right now is not the time for them to be leaving money on the table. A site visitor is the fastest and highest probability path to profits for your client.

How about if your clients could limit ad spend to the 3% of the market currently actively looking for what they sell?


How? Behavioral correlates fed into a machine learning algorithm, it gets a little "techy" but it works!

Here's the marketplace: the top of your clients funnel- but who wants what we're selling?

Well, what if they left behavioral breadcrumbs? Everyone who purchased your clients product or service taking the same / similar actions online...

Then we could focus our efforts where they matter...

and your clients new marketplace would start to look a lot rosier...


This is built out and I have baselines (CPL and average conversion rate) in the following 4 verticals. Its turnkey:

1.) Mortgage

2.) Residential roofing

3.) Personal injury law

4.) Residential real estate

If the sales process takes place online , I can probably make it work but it ain't cheap and we'd be experimenting with your clients ad money (maybe worth it to them depending on what they're selling).

1.) Your client will know someone's in market before the competition 2.) They'll be the ones educating the client on the solution they offer and setting the frame. 3.) You can use the data for omnichannel retargeting. You can call them, snail mail them, and if your client wants to spend the money we can target them on internet radio and smart TV's.

They own this data forever. They can sit on it or act now.

It's portable. We can retarget these people on desktop, laptop and smartphone.

Your clients controls this - it isn't a cookie that will be gone in 30 days. It isn't gated to one ecosystem.

You can take this to Google for lookalike campaigns (and I can feed that data back into the algorithm to further hone in on the perfect buyer).

We can broaden things and target new demographics and markets your client didn't even think were buyers for his or her product.

The right ads to the right people at the right time in the buying journey to secure the sale for your clients.

Frankly, with whats going on in the world right now , I'm pushing the site pixel.

They pay monthly, I send the data weekly.

They followup on the leads with whatever existing methods they have.

No extra ad spend, no great outlay of capital.

Take the existing traffic and turn them into conversations with real people.

I'll split my take half with you- who wants in?

Site pixel = $337.50 monthly in your pocket for the life of the client

In-Market Targeting = $562.50, monthly, cash you can spend, I take it from here, life of the client.

*(Because of privacy and security concerns I cannot offer this white label, that is - I have to directly transfer the data to your clients. I don't sh*t where I eat though people. Your clients are my clients and they're under my protection. To use the site pixel they will need to modify the privacy policy on site to include an opt out)*

**Site pixel cost increases with more than 10k daily visitors and again at 1 million+. IMT commision as above presumes 5k monthly sales price with 2500 ad spend from client.

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