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No One Can Eat The Cake For You...

Anything related to matters of the mind


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Apr 28, 2017
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In entrepreneurship, there are no gurus, teachers, professors, etc. There is NO ONE you can rely on to get your own venture started. If you're a young guy or girl, then stop wasting your time on the forum asking about this and that - no one can tell you what business to start.

The thing with becoming an entrepreneur is that by its very nature, the entrepreneur organises production & distribution. The entrepreneur does not - like an employee - go to a boss, or a teacher, or a training course to tell them what to do. By his very nature, the entrepreneur cannot do this - otherwise he would not be an entrepreneur. There is no one higher than the entrepreneur that the entrepreneur can go to and ask. You must rather give your body, mind and soul to finding out what you have to do by yourself!

You cannot join a school to learn entrepreneurship - even if it's the best school, you will only learn entrepreneurship by doing it. There is no use teaching you entrepreneurship on the blackboard.

But why - why is it that you insist to have someone tell you how to eat the cake?

Why is it that you don't go out there, and decide that you're going to find out, for yourself, how to eat the cake and win at the game of entrepreneurship? Why do you need to have MJ, etc. repeat to you over and over again the same things?

Because of FEAR.

You've never learned how to control fear.

Never learned how to manage it.

Never learned how to channel it, and use it to your advantage.

Let me tell you, fear is a great tool once you master it. But you've developed a very pernicious habit - your habit is that when you feel fear, you try to get rid of it. But fear is just a biological reaction to uncertainty and potential danger. You cannot eliminate fear - you will never get to the stage where you start a business and feel no fear doing it.

So stop dreaming that you will start a business once you get over your fear. It doesn't work that way - you get over your fear not before starting a business, but only after - after going through the process!

Small digression about fear of humiliation, failure, etc.

And who cares about getting embarrassed and failing?! I've seen a lot of young guys over the years here, being scared to start because of fear of embarrassment or failure. But really, who cares? Let yourself be humiliated - you will learn from it. There is nothing wrong with being humiliated.

When I first started out, almost everyone humiliated me. People called me mentally retarded, a failure, that I will never amount to anything in life, that I deserve to be in a mental institution etc. And you know what I did? I accepted it. Because I realised that these are just words - people saying this about me cannot stop me, and neither can it help me. What others say of me, is an indifferent.

So let go of your ego and silly attachments. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks you're a fool, people insult you, etc. Those insults are just words - they cannot change reality. Words have no magic power - if someone calls you an idiot, but you're not an idiot, then him calling you an idiot does nothing to change the fact. And if you really are an idiot, well then, being called one or not being called one, will certainly not change the fact.

So stop worrying about failure - stop fearing humiliation & embarrassment. A real man does not care if he is humiliated, because a real man gets his value from inside, not from what others say about him. If it is your destiny to be a business failure, then so be it - but at least play your cards to the best of your ability, and never ever give up.

Also, I see many young entrepreneurs becoming bitter towards others because they are not treated right by them. Listen, you don't have anything to prove to anyone. You are your own person, and you are valuable as you are. Making 10 billion will not make you anymore valuable than what you already are. So don't hate on others - remember, the best revenge is not to be like the one who caused you harm.

Do not become one of those bitter people, who are obsessed with their haters, and who want to show them, etc. - that's absolute nonsense. That's keeping you away from being focused on what matters. You don't have to show anything to anyone - you're not their slave. Be a master - you've got nothing to prove to anyone.

Be okay with being humiliated & insulted, and you will become truly invincible.

Back to fear

The way to solve the issue of fear is that you need to stay with the fear - staying with the fear is the only way to learn that it is okay to be afraid. Fear does not actually hurt you. It does not actually stop you, unless YOU give it power to stop you. The next time you want to reach to your keyboard and start a new thread on the forum STOP.

Try first to see if the problem you're facing isn't something that you can solve yourself, without external help. Your first task in becoming an entrepreneur should be to get rid of this habit of always going to someone else for an answer when you're faced with a problem. You MUST learn to find things out for yourself and take risks - trust your own brain and your own decision making.

I mean, if you can't even solve your OWN problems without asking someone else, how will you solve your customers' problems? Don't kid yourself.


So figure out how to solve problems by yourself. When you reach a problem that you cannot solve by yourself then you have two choices. Either you find the right person to solve the problem for you, in which case you need to make sure you have the budget for it, or you find a way to learn how to solve it yourself. Try to quantify what benefit you get out of solving the problem. That's your budget, by no means pay anyone anything more.

If you're at the beginning, more often than not, you'll HAVE TO opt for the do it yourself method - it's slower, but much cheaper, and also teaches you about the job. This will come in mighty useful later on when you have to hire others (since you'll understand their jobs, you'll know how to reward them, etc.).

That's number 1.

Number 2 - GET SALES. Once you're capable to solve problems, provide a product, perform a service - get some sales. Getting sales will teach you if you're in the right industry. Even if it's not a lot of sales - getting some sales is essential.

Only start scaling & building websites, etc. after you're getting your first sales. Lots of young entrepreneurs waste time with business cards, and other nonsense - you don't need them if you don't have sales. It's not even worth building a website if you don't yet know if someone wants what you're selling. In fact, I still don't have any business card, because I don't need it - I pride myself on doing a lot with little, and not wasting resources.

Only You Can Eat The Cake... So What Are You Waiting For?

So these are just some quick tips & tricks that I've noticed in my own journey so far. Currently, I run my own business (will not tell you the industry) and am employing others too. I'm not a millionaire but on the way. I don't have much time to spend on the forum, only came here briefly to provide you with a summary of what I've been learning by actually working on my business for the last year or so. I will not respond to any posts. I cannot help you in your business - I'm busy helping myself in mine. And I'll be honest - despite what you think, I probably know less about your industry than you do.

Hope this is helpful to you. Remember - don't wait for anyone to eat your cake for you - only YOU can eat it - only YOU can do it. You are EVERYTHING that you need to succeed. No one else can tell you what you need to do - and the only reason you're looking for someone to tell you what to do is because you're not yet an entrepreneur. The moment you become an entrepreneur, is the moment when you stop looking to others to solve your problems, and decide to give everything you have towards attempting to solve your own problems - even if you fail.

All the best.
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