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New year's resolutions

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Bronze Contributor
Aug 4, 2007
I think it's a great time to stop and contemplate what we'll be doing next year.

Do you have anything specific you want to achieve?

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Bronze Contributor
Aug 4, 2007
I will:

- Refine my life plan and subordinate goals by New Year's Day
- Organise myself (I need to put things in their proper places, take care of stuff better)
- Build more fun into my daily routine
- Challenge myself hard
- Take time off.
- Post more often on this forum ;-)

Russ H

Gold Contributor
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Jul 25, 2007
Napa Valley, CA

I don't want to kill your thread, but I *will* share a new year's resolution that I made back in 1984, when I first moved to California:

"I will stop making New Year's Resolutions and start taking action each day."

It's the only new year's resolution I've ever kept!

Go figure . . . :smx7:

-Russ H.

That same year, I also started to do something different on New Year's Eve. I'll post a separate thread about this. :banana:


Bronze Contributor
Jul 25, 2007
I hear you Russ
though I do have annual plans
(projects that I figure will take about a year to complete).
I also have the first half of the year basically booked.

My plans for 2008 are already in motion.

My first novel launches May
so I've reserved most of the advertising already.
I have the second novel in for submission.
The novella will be submitted in February.
The third novel will be submitted the end of August.
I'll have the second novella written and in for pre-editing by the end of May.
The fourth novel will be written and in for pre-editing by the end of August.

Same ol', same ol' (once established, investing is very boring).
The usual contributions,
the usual minimum return.
I did a lot of buying during the exchange pop up (Cdn vs US)
so that will probably calm down for a couple months
(though I saw a company with a market cap significantly less than its book value,
it has about a billion in cash
and a market cap of a billion
so anyone with deep pockets could borrow the money,
buy the company completely and then pay it back with the cash,
very, very interesting).


Bronze Contributor
Aug 4, 2007
"I will stop making New Year's Resolutions and start taking action each day."

Hehehe, I knew this would come up! I agree wholeheartedly, and that's why I only consider this time of year as a good time to reflect on the coming year and make sure the right tactics are in place for my major plan, and that all requirements to be able to implement these tactics have been done/acquired.

However, a resolution is simply the act of resolving to do something, and I've resolved that I will, by Jan 1, make sure my major plan is still in order, and my tactics are mapped out and scheduled in my PDA. I take action every day via a special system I've created for myself, which I'll probably write a book about soon. Last year, I achieved 14 out of about 40 major goals for the year in the first two weeks after planning. It's phenomenal.

Great post :)

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