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Need help in providing a solution (employees needed)

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Sep 5, 2018
Hello everyone!
Recently I met a local businessman, who owns a call center selling stuff.
The problem is.. he can't find employees! Currently there are more than 50 positions available (he is trying to grow his business). By the way, here in Greece, unemployment rate is pretty high.. Despite him offering pretty good hourly rate + bonuses depending on performance he isn't able to find enough people to sell for him.
His second problem is.. his new employees don't stay longer than 2 months. Which is pretty annoying, because the longer they stay, the better they become at selling (which means more profits for him)

Anyways, he has offered me a change to help - and is willing to pay for each new employee he acquires with my help + 10x that amount if he stays for more than 2 months.

Until now, I joined some facebook groups and posted some adds, but few people replied.
I also put some ads on local unemployment offices and on a couple of websites, but only 2 people contacted me.

I need to find a way to reach a bigger audience + keep track of their names.. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello Sir! I am new to this froum. currently reeding ''Fastelaine millionare".
How is your addvertise strategy? What are the reasons for people quitting their job at the call center?

Are the workers provided with motivation and education (Sales-strategy / methods) while they are working there? How is the "energy" at the callsenter?

I was once asked to join a callcentre, i declined because of the job needed me to sell crapy products to people over the phone. I'm a good seller, but I sell with my heart. If I don't want people to sell me crap, I can't sell crap to people...

The only reason I was thinking of taking the job, was because of the energy at the call centre. You could dress as you want, house-music in the lobby, a ''sell-bell'' that you where only allowed to ring if you sold a product over the phone, and good proffits on sales. You can work as much or as little as you wanted.. 24/7. Without the "wallstreet" feeling I got when I was at the interview, I would have declined over the phone when they first contated me. Notie that I did't contect them, I got contacted by THEM. Why? I'm a greate seller with an amazing energy, positivety, healthy self-confidance and motivation. That's the people in my opinion you need to hire.

How to find people like this? I'm not sure, but! The way I would do it is to simply talk to them, if they can speak confident, clarely, and with a smile on there face, I think your good to go. Of course do a background check on them with their earlier managers/bosses.

Sorry for my poor grammar, I'm from Norway, and still practise my english speaking and writing.
(Google Translate anyone? hahah)

Best wishes for you!


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Oct 22, 2010
Woodstock, GA
Get serious about what you are doing is the first step.

Re read your post. ..... 'Hey guys! Huge opportunity but I don't really want to work very hard. I'd tried a little bit. Can someone give me a step by step?' ....

Re write your post to sell us on helping you. What's in it for us? Why would we want to do this? What features, benefits, advantages might we gain?

Ok. Now use those skills to write ad / copy / sales pitch that you will use to attract people to this opportunity.

Now go think about who would want / take this job. What do they want? What gets them excited? What problem do you solve for them? Once that is written.....

Now, where do you find them? How do you get to them? What displays / methods / ideas would get in front of them?

Now test, fail, revise, fail, retest, fail, rewrite, succeed a little, update, test, fail, fix, succeed more, etc., etc. .....

Then use those skills and success to offer to take over the guys sales department in total and eventually his business.

Get to it!

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