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WEB/DIGITAL appraisals credible?

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Aug 13, 2007
Northern VA
I found a listing while browsing the business section of CL and found an ad for domains. They were all crap but had supposedly nice appraisals on them. I contacted the seller to ask where the appraisals where done and she pointed me to I found some recommendations over to them via google search so i figured i would dump the 50~ domains i have in there. In total it was almost 180K value for all of them most ranging from 2500-6000 one being 15k. Do those apraisals hold their weight at all. I would like to beleive so just for the fact of getting domains to start acting like the e-real estate they are but... who am I!

Has anyone used them in the past and sold a domain from the valuation or atleast used it as a reference? I understand they are free and you get what you pay for....

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Aug 7, 2007
Except for real top of the bill generic domain names, I don't put any value in such appraisals. I had 12 of my domain names appraised by resulting in values in excess of $5k for each of them. I ended up selling them for amounts between $200 and $1500, which given the fact that I only had them for 2 years, was not bad at all. Two years registration fee (@ $7.95 per year) meant an investment of $15.90. So, even the names that I sold for $200 (which were 5 in total) gave me an annualized ROI of more than 500%.

When I offer domain names for sale I don't use appraisals anymore. I just request offers and follow my gut feeling for judging the fairness of an offer.

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