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Bronze Contributor
Jul 24, 2007
Has anybody ever heard of them or used them? I see them advertised everywhere. They appear to be a wholesaler of Real Estate. I checked on their site once a while ago and signed up. I've been getting emails ever since, but I've basically ignored them. I just saw them advertised in AdSense on the Home Page here, and my curiosity was sparked. Are they legitimate? If so, what's their deal?

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New Contributor
Aug 30, 2007
Phoenix, Az
It looks like they are passing on wholesale deals and seller leads from properties with less of a spread. Not a bad idea to try and be national. is the only other one I know as a national wholesale outlet. But know this, is controlled by one investor in an area as a way to get the deals first. They then pass on the ones they don't pick up themselves.

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