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My TMF gift will arrive late for my gf's birthday...

Jeff Noel

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Oct 26, 2018
Quebec, Canada
I'm just looking for advice here. I had to find alternative solutions since the main gift will arrive a little bit late (not before November 13th, which is already 4 days too late).

I already own Unscripted . I stopped reading it when I saw that TMF preorders (FR QC version) were slightly delayed, or perhaps I just read the date wrong at first. I'm thinking of giving her Unscripted to make up for it, but the delivery man brought it up slightly used (corners were roughed up) and it's also in English. I know my girlfriend is not too fond of English books yet, but she's working on it.

I've been telling her about some AdWords stuff lately, but I never mentioned that I was doing active campaigns for her business nor how much I was spending. I plan on having spent (or invested) at least $100 before November 9th, which is her birthday. I just think it sucks as a present: "Hey, I spent $100 on AdWords for you! But I still haven't got it optimized quite yet! Here's an English book that will change your life !"

I've already been supporting her business by paying in full for the rent, electricity and Internet bill (which we used to split) for the last year. I'm running short of ideas and I know she'd love things related to her business, which is web marketing and social media oriented.

Anyone knows great courses related to FB Ads ? She might enjoy that. I gave her a few UDemy courses on that topic in the past but they didn't give great results for her in the end.

If you have ANY ideas, I'm all ears. Thanks in advance for reading through my rambling.
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Aug 13, 2018
Sounds like all these ideas are the things you'd like to receive, and you're probably accurate that she won't be thrilled about them. *Edit* Hold on, I was reading too fast. I missed the part where you said she would love something related to her business. So I take that back.

So here's a thought exercise for you... hopefully the kind of thing that will trigger a gift idea that hits a home run...

Become a student of your girlfriend. Study her the way you'd study a new business idea. Go deep into your memories of all the time you've spent with her. Especially mine for the memories where you were really listening, where she really got your attention. Look for nuggets like these:
  • What does she talk about?
  • What topics cause her eyes to light up?
  • What topics bring out the passion and the fire in her soul?
  • What does she buy for herself when she has some spare cash? Can you get one of those? Can you get a unique or off-the-wall version? Can you 10x that and get her the ultimate version of the thing?
  • What are her needs? Think through every aspect of her life and look for something that's missing that other people have (especially her friends). Think through her morning routine... her work day... her leisure moments... her approach to meal prep... her method of doing laundry... her bedtime routine... her car... and look for something that she's doing without. (You have to be careful to pick one that's a felt need... if she's doing without it because it's never entered her mind to want one, then your gift will fall flat. Look for the needs that she has actually mentioned.)
  • What does she rant about? Could you get something that solves one problem (this can even be "free" to you, like coupons to wash the dishes" for a month if she hates washing dishes. It's the thought that counts.)
  • What are her wants? She may want things that you don't understand, but she wants them nevertheless. Can you indulge her in some decadent treat? Or some makeup / beauty product that she wouldn't treat herself to? Or some trip? Or some way to pamper herself, like a manicure, a massage, or a spa treatment?
  • What are her hobbies? any craft supplies that would light up her smile? or an item to add to her collection of [whatever she's collecting]?
  • How can you save her time or streamline her efficiency? Any gadgets? Subscriptions? Systems that you could create? Like - think through one area where she gets stuck or consistently experiences a hurdle. Then think through creating a system that will surprise and delight her (and also consistently overcome that challenge). Build the system. And unveil it to her on her birthday.
  • What are her dreams? Can you get something that relates to those dreams? Even if it's just symbolic? Like maybe she dreams of traveling to Paris one day, and you find her a beautiful Eiffel Tower pendant that she can wear and visualize the anticipation of fulfilling that dream one day.
  • How could you make a memory together? Are there interesting, touristy activities in your city that you've never done that you would enjoy doing together? Could you create an epic picnic in the park? Could you do something exotic, like scuba diving or horseback riding? Could you do something silly and hilarious that you'll laugh about for years to come? Could you roll out the red carpet and make her feel like a princess in some kind of posh environment?
Hopefully this will stimulate an idea or two.

If all else fails, I wouldn't rule out the simple, long-standing winners: Flowers and Chocolate.
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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Mont tremblant

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