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My Introduction


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Hello everyone,

First, I'd like to say my real name is Christopher. This handle I've had since I was a pre-teen. I guess old internet habits die hard?

Anyway, a little about me: I'm 26 and married. I have a 21 month old boy and my wife is pregnant for a little girl who is due in June. I'm still very much in the slow lane but I dream of getting out of it. Six months ago I was test for Huntington's disease and the results came out negative. For those of you that are unfamiliar with that disease it is a neurologically degenerative disease that can strike you at any time and is passed through off spring. It completely destroys the lives of everyone involved. Dementia, loss of coordination, major mood swings and suicidal tendencies are all related to this disease.

It can turn a normal competent person into a something that's not really very human. I've watched my father become destroyed by it, an uncle that killed himself over it and 2 more uncles are now suffering from it (one late stage, one mid-stage). There is a 50/50 chance of getting the disease at conception, but somehow, my father and all 3 of his brothers ended up with it. The biggest reason why I am happy in not having is when I look at my son, I know he will be the first generation to not have to deal with it in my family.

Anyway, enough of that. Long story short, after finding out I was negative for the disease I started going through some personal changes. After a decade of wondering if I had it, I became frustrated when it came to planning out my future. Finally I drove myself so crazy that I decided to just get the test done. Going through that kind of process changes a person. And change is what I wanted. Partying all the time and working at a dead end job wasn't good enough anymore. I quit my factory job and now I am an independent agent for AFLAC. Still slow lane, yes, but I do enjoy the work a whole lot more.

So I started to embark upon a path of personal development. Along the way I picked up Rich Dad, Poor Dad and LOVED it. I've since read a ton of other material from RK and other writers (N. Hill for example). Well, to skip forward a bit (And because I'm being pressed for time atm), I eventually found this site through the RK forums.

So enough about me. At this moment I want to thank MJ for providing this forum which is a wealth of knowledge IMHO and a great source of inspiration. I also want to thank everyone else for contributing content. I've been a lurker here for a few months now and I really do have a lot of admiration and respect for this place. What is going on here is all really fantastic stuff and really positive.

Though I'm miles away from going fastlane I do find inspiration from many stories here (for instance, I can really relate to cantwait2) and I hope to have some great conversations in the future.

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Welcome Christopher and thanks for the telling us about yourself ... hope we can all can get you a little closer to the fastlane. Cheers, MJ