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My Brief History on How I met Mj.

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New Contributor
Oct 21, 2021
( my genuine language is Portuguese. No translator was used in this text. Therefore, some mistakes may be found. Sorry)
Hi to everyone!
I’m very new to the forum, and seriously don’t know the rules- to say the true, i don’t even know if I’m introducing myself in the right menu. Forgive for any mistake.
Here we go…
I always loved the ideia of being financial free, I was sure I didn’t want to work for anyone. But there was a problem, I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to make it happen (the idea of being free from job). All I knew was that I hated the ideia of working for someone, of waking up every day in the morning… all the stuff that comes with working for someone. So, I started reading books after books after books, joining online guru courses, thinking positively, affirming stuffs, believing in “the Secret “, lying to myself that everything was perfect (Actually, at the time it was. I just figured out it wasn’t after Mj’s book). At the time I was very good at forex Trading, but didn’t have enough money to start. So I was trapped. Had knowledge, but no capital.
Some times passed, a friend of mine came to me and asked "teach me how to trade". And went like bruh, its a lot of stuff. You would have to learn: I started throwing out a pile of topic. And when I noticed, I had just created a perfect structure to someone would learn Forex trading. So I thought "Wow! What if I make money by teaching what I know, and with the money earned, start trading?
-I quickly went to my friend's house, to tell him about the "project". And came to as all "normal persons", stared by the Problems:
-Bruh, nobody minds those stuff
-Dude, we don't know anything
-we have no money
-We are in Mozambique (Yes, I'm in Mozambique right now)
And thousands of other reasons.

After all the things he told me, I went home, grabbed a paper and a pen, and quickly started writing down the course Structure. Next day, I was traveling the web, looking for how to create a website. Then I thought: ah, I can simply create a Tehran channel, save course on Gdrive, and send the link to whoever paid. I did it.
Some days passed and noticed I was to focused the money. The idea of telegram was awfull.i needed to think. I time some hours and a light bulb came: Google sites!
I went on, created a website, took some days, but ended up creating. It was perfect!
Except that not. Two days later the website looked horrible.i needed something better. I went on search and search, and came across Wix... Took some days creating the site. But it worth it. It was Perfect!
This time for good!
One week later it was no longer perfect. I noticed I needed something automatic.

One day, I was traveling YouTube, saw a video that end with "in the link below", I clicked the link, and Bamm!
I was in an online course. But this time it was diferente. I thought : how can I get access to southing like this? How he created this site?
Went to the bottom of the page, and there it was: "powered by Thinkfic" I clicked. IT WAS ALL I NEEDED! but it was paid. And I was poor... Well lemme cut the story...
I ended up finding what I needed. I created a YouTube channel, and hopefully it goes ok and I can finally put my website to work.all that happened during pandemic period. From March 2020- to today.
-How I met MJ. I guess I met like majority of people did. From James Jani's video. When I saw his videos, I was like : Dude this guy is talking about me. But it wasn't just that. THIS GUY IS ME!! He is even opening a YouTube channel for the reason as I am. And yes, he was the best inspiration I had. And still he is. Reason why my future videos might look a lot like his. He spoke about Mj, I went to download the books (Sorry, still can't afford to buy one. But seriously Promise I will. Actually, I would to get a physic one) I read the book and I was like: This guy is definitely talking about me. But time it was different. It wasn't like all the books did. This it was "In a realistic Bias"...

Well, I'm tired of writing, Lol. Hopefully this was a nice introduction! Hi Mj, Hi everyone. Thanks for your time spent reading this post. Or I should say Book XD.
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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Alpine, UT
Appreciate the intro, and how you discovered my work. Welcome aboard.


Gold Contributor
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Jul 10, 2019
Milwaukee, WI
Wow. When I shook MJ's hand at the summit, I had no idea I was shaking hands with God :rofl:

Welcome to the forum, I look forward to seeing your progress on the Forex course!
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