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Resident Trash Panda
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May 31, 2020
Grand Rapids, MI
Me fail English? That’s unpossible. :rofl:

Nassim Taleb has the same motto, find the worst looking doctor. He has to be good if he looks that bad.

I get it…

Until I don’t.

Raising Capital while creating an association of “throwing money in the trash” to save a Panda… hard road to financial freedom.

Best of luck. Hope I’m wrong.
I get your qualms and they are well recieved. If this was a company that was joint with others, and didn't have the personality & persona of myself driving it, then there would be problems. I forsee that it will only be me tied to this, and eventually it will become a 100% hold-co, so thats why I am optimistic.

We shall see when I raise capital (what a lofty goal this seems, ugh!). Honestly, the winds are changing in the financial world, the types of people I work with and market to are the ones that love the name and my personality. I'm very much of the opinion that if you don't like the name or me, then we shouldn't be working together, for both of our sakes. I'm also seeing as the older generation retires and my generation and Gen Z come on board, things are becoming looser. Just look at #FinTwit on Twitter -> I'm quite tame compared to some of the other people there.

I don't think there will be an issue getting SBA financing or raising capital from the right people though, as I have been having those converstations with people that love the name. I mean... if a firm named Banana Capital can raise money...

Thats how I got Curators off the ground in the first place, its a 50/50 partnership where my biz partner is providing the majority of capital injection. He approached me because he found the Trash Panda Capital offering and wanted in on it, but mentioned that we needed to change the name to apply to a mass market. We also decided to move that original offering to the Curators name because it is more professional.

I do have another Capital name floating around, but that is for VC related things with a partner, where we have to act a bit more professional, as we are raising 100s of thousands.

If it ever really became a problem, I would just figure it out then.

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