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INTRO Mom & Freelancer going Fastlane

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New Contributor
Feb 10, 2018
Hi Fastlaners!

I`m am very happy and excited to be on my fastlane journey. And I want to share it with you, hear your opinion and input. Of course I read the books.
Here`s my story.

My name is Barbara, I`m 39, married and a mom of 3 kids (aged 11, 9 and 1.5). As having a degree in business, I`m working as a freelance test manager for insurance companies. We live in Germany.

My oldest kid, my son, has a severe handicap. Phisically he`s fine but mentally he is retared and will never be able to live without assistance and help. It is very demanding to live with him but we dearly love him.

My purpose:
Some time ago I accidentally witnessed a situation in a home for handicapped people that deeply shook and shocked me. A cargiver of a handicapped young woman terribly humiliated her. His behavior had legal consequences for him. Nonetheless, I decided I never want to expose my helpless, handicaped child to the risk of being treated that way. I decided I want to build a home for children and grown ups with special needs. I want to offer them a secure home and a place full laughter and brimming with activity. Full of light. With competent and warm-hearted staff. In a beautiful landscape. With annexed stables where they can get hippo therapy, gardens where they get fresh veggies and free-roaming chicken. That`s my vision.

My FTE - F*ck this event
Without knowig it at this point, I had my FTE last november. I was sitting in the train at 7 o`clock in the moring and commuting to my project site. My 10 month old baby girl was back at home with my mother in law. I missed her terribly and had a bad conscience leaving her behind for so many hours. It hurt so much I decied I will not do this any longer. I will not sacrifice this precious time with my baby for these damn test policy and project plan. The same afternoon I called my project manager and told hin I will not prolog my contract. I quit.

My fastlane journey begins
At this point I was relived I had not to commute anymore but desperate as I did not see a way out of my misery of reconciling all these different needs, wants, wishes and my vision. I stumbled over Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted and ordered both books. My husband just shook his had when he saw the title. But I gave them a chance. And what shall I say...these books blew the walls in my head, the blindfold fell.
I realized I was on the slow lane. No chance of reconciling all my wants an wishes with the slow lane reality. I had to change lanes.

Real actions - no action faking
Suddenly my perception of opportunities changed. New people and ideas came into my life. And so did Felix. An informatics and maths teacher with whom I lately started our business.
During the last 7 years Felix developed and successfully implemented a concept for coding courses for teens at his school. Now he was looking for someone to commercialize it, as he did not want to leave school and teaching. He is a deeply passionate teacher. Then, by coincidance, we met. And soon decided to work together. Here`s the result of our work, teh landing page:

CodingMaster offers coding courses for teens for schools and companys. They provide rooms and computers, we do all the rest. In this way we can offer the courses at a acceptable price for the teenagers. The schools gain a high quality informatics course (a real deficit at German school right now). The companys gain access to potential future IT-professionals for their vocational trainings and vacancies. Our trainers are also of high interest to companys, as we work with students and other people with coding skills.

Rigth now we start the acqusiton phase. Let`s see what works. Im so excited to see waht the market says to our idea and concept. Maybe we will need to adjust or event pivot. Then will will do it.

My goal is to earn enough money to live the life I want to live with my family and to make my vision about the home for people with special need come true.

I will keep you informed about our business in another part of the forum. For the intro thats enough I think.


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Mar 11, 2017
New Jersey
Welcome Barbara!

You have great goals! I think you will make everything you dream.

The website looks really professional,

thanks for sharing your ideas and experiences!

Very nice!

Thanks again!

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