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Moema Edler Tragnago Gayeski, an introduction


New Contributor
Dec 13, 2018
Hello, everyone!

My name is Moema Edler Tragnago Gayeski, I'm from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and it's very nice to be participating on this forum to share ideas, to offer what I know to contribute with people and also learn a lot, for sure!

Let me tell you a bit about myself, so that you guys can know me better:

I have heard of you, Mj, long ago, and I have read The Millionaire Fastlane , because I have been mentored by Marcus Lucas, your partner who brought the book to my country, and I had a participation on this proccess of bringing your work to Brazilian people's knowledge, even translating some of your articles.

And I found The Millionaire Fastlane a very interesting book to read, that really opened my mind!

Thanks to Marcus, who mentored me and whom I have worked with as a freelancer, and also thanks to your book, now I've amplified my ideas about business and entrepreneurship a lot!

I already have my own online business, which is a quicker method to learn English, investing much less time and money than traditional language schools charge in Brazil. Actually, I don't mean it's only for people from my country, because it's been already sold to other parts of the world, in a way that I have never thought or expected, considering it's not even been 2 years since I've releazed it! I'm very pleased!

And as for the rest, I'm 36 years old, blind since birth, which has made me find lots of challenges during my journey, from school to college and post-graduation, but these challenges also made me stronger, and I believe they come to teach us more and proof our positiveness and capability!

About my other passions, I can say I love playing the keyboard, singing, composing and writing poetries.

Speaking about other things I do professionally and skills I can offer to contribute with who needs, I also love working with translation, and transcriptions from videos and audios into text, and I've got long experience with that, I speak 7 languages, 3 of them fluently.

I also like helping people who have products online, by testing the accessibility of the site, blog or forum, so that more blinders can easily surf them, and as my graduation and post-graduation is in Languages and Literature field, I love writing articles and even doing marketing for other business!

I think for the moment, that's it about me.

If you guys would like to be in touch, so that we can make a really interesting and productive networking and share ideas, I'm also anxious to know about you! So, it's all about writing to me here on the forum, or even through the e-mail address:

And if you're curious to know about my business, here is my site:

I really hope I can cooperate a lot with you, as you with me, and that we can grow a very nice friendship relation in time!

Greatest regards!
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Read Unscripted!
Mar 23, 2019
If you have already started your school, congratulations on such a success. Welcome to the forum :)


New Contributor
Dec 13, 2018
Welcome aboard! Pretty cool you were mentored by the bringer of the book to Brazil.
Yes! And at first, I was the one who was suposed to translate the book into Br Pt, but I couldn't, because by that time, I had many many activities that required the most of my attention, including taking care of my grandmother. And besides this, some accessibility resources I needed as a blind person were missing! Now, I'm happy that things are becoming easier and better for us, mainly to work online! And currently, besides having my business on English-teaching, I'm also looking for translation and transcription jobs again, since I love doing that too!

Enviado de meu Moto Z (2) usando o Tapatalk

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