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Making A Plan

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New Contributor
Aug 31, 2007
Generally speaking, most successful investors have a plan. As I continue to invest in stocks, and not do nearly as well as I think I should be doing, I keep wondering if it's because I don't have an *exact* plan. I have a general idea, and I tend to go with that because I always thought that every single stock would need a somewhat different plan. Perhaps I am mistaken.

So, my point here is; can anyone give some pointers on making a plan? Or, if someone already has a plan, could they post it as an example? Any help on this matter is appreciated :)


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New Contributor
Aug 24, 2007
Sydney, Australia
Yes, but that's a plan for LIFE, I mean a plan for investing in the stock market, specifically; lol. I've read that, and that's sort of where I got the idea in the first place :)
Good book I'm reading atm is Trade your way to financial freedom by Dr Van Tharp.

He goes into physchology, position sizing and developing a system. From what I've learnt so far, it's really good. It gets you to think about what you actually want from the stock market and gets you to set up a system that's right for you. It won't make you rich overnight, but it does have some very sound priciples.

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