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Dec 7, 2020
I will summarize my story in points:

-public school, the only child of a low middle-class family

- interested in science, biology, space, music, arts

-wanted to go to medicine, ended up in dentistry. I always saw dentistry as a good profession, because it is essential, but never felt like is my dream activity. Due to my parents' pressure and advice, I just did it and did not try to change anymore. I had to go out of home,

-I got interested in the poker game while in university, as an escape, and as a skill mind sport, a craft that you can develop and be better at it, supposedly without corruption. If you are good you will win.

- I preferred to play poker than dentistry, this is the true

-I had a double life, being a dentist and a semi-pro poker player

-I kept working in both, I won one of the biggest online tourneys

-I arranged a nice apartment, kept working, but ended up having a stroke, a brain hemorrhage, that left my left side of the body paralyzed. (due to a chiropractor manipulation for chronic pain). It was a huge drama, cancer was suspected. This condition lasted about6 months, gladly I recovered and was functional and healthy without consequences

- I had spiritual experiences

-I did not have any financial help since I am an independent worker

- I did not have a good financial education, nor my family, I did not do investments. I wasted all the money.

- I moved to one ghetto to afford a new apartment

- I moved again to a better house, that constantly gave problems (water leakage, noise, etc)

-at the moment is really difficult to work as a dentist due to the constant pain, and due to the stress of being always thinking how the hell I'm going to pay my bills and finances

-I feel I have wasted my life away, always have been extremely unlucky, and did not manage well the chance when I was better financially

- a lot of people think this is abnormal that a dentist is not rich, and if you say you play poker, they will say that you are addicted to gambling. but this is not the truth. Of course, poker deals with high variance, since you deal with percentages and variable outcomes. But all the moves and strategies are supposed to have an ROI positive long-term.

-to win a tourney, you have to put 8-12 hours of effort, I did that constantly, and it was a huge effort to master the game. BUT people will say I'm just gambling and will descredit the effort.

-I don't have any support. When you are only focused on your objectives, and people don't accept that or think is not the best way, they will let you alone. Some will even like to see you suffer.

-I got interested in knowing about business.
I realize now that even if you are good at poker, you are just a cow of a system. The online poker room. They are always making the profit, not you.

- I have been reading several books about business, mindset, psychology. That is when I found the book 'The Millionaire Fastlane ", to which I identify a lot because it says the truth about our society's economic system and functioning.

I'm lost and despaired at this time. I have no money. Full of bills to pay. What is the point of living like this?

I thought about setting a passive income business, but not a toxic one. Something useful to society that does not cause more problems. Not stupid consumerism.

But I feel blocked and uncertain what is the best way. I do not have people around me that understand me.

My skills are in dentistry and poker. I have other skills like writing, music production, etc.

If there is someone that identifies with my story and wants to collaborate, give ideas, or help somehow, please contact me.
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Does your disability prevent you from being a dentist all the time, or just some of the time?
Do you enjoy the work?

due to a chiropractor manipulation for chronic pain)

Wait, so a chiropractic doctor essentially disabled you with a bad manipulation?

Entrepreneurship is a lot like poker, there's judgments to make, risk to evaluate, and decisions to be made based on a lot of subjectivity.

Welcome to the forum.


Dec 7, 2020
Does your disability prevent you from being a dentist all the time, or just some of the time?
Do you enjoy the work?

Wait, so a chiropractic doctor essentially disabled you with a bad manipulation?

Entrepreneurship is a lot like poker, there's judgments to make, risk to evaluate, and decisions to be made based on a lot of subjectivity.

Welcome to the forum.
Thank you for the answer and welcome.
My disability prevents me to be a dentist all the time since I suffer facial pain, and is difficult to deal with patients, while I'm in pain. I try to maintain my productivity high, and with good quality. For that, I can't work so much time as I was used to.

The chiropractor manipulation was not considered a bad practice, the event was seen as an unfortunate event that can be not related to the practice.

The cause was for sure the manipulation, I felt very weird immediately, and it was obvious that it was the pressure in my back that increased the blood pressure, to come to my brain. I called several times to the practice, where they told me to rest.

I still went that morning to work, when my left hand started failing, i had to go home imediately.
Then my left side of the body start failing and i started vomiting non stop.

I went to the hospital and It was confirmed through IRM. During this period, some people thought I was pretending to be sick,, and that i could not move (at work, doctors) and did not believe it it until they saw the image.

I did not made the readly legal actions because I could not move or be rational. Due to the spiritual process, I was also like, he does have fault, it was not bad intentioned, so ill not try to "go after him".

I just keep going like i always did

My family had to come to help me. After 6 months, i recovered.

Then I returned to the work as a dentist, but now the pain is very intense, because diferent type of stresses, and also I feel my body internally getting weak. Is difficult to keep going when there is no support and you try big things by yourself. Then if you fail, the fault is only yours.

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