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Long Distance Relationship Coaching (WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK)

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New Contributor
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Sep 2, 2018
Massachusetts, USA
After months of waffling between doing something with music, I've decided that I am going to offer long distance relationship coaching via intensive and personalized one on one packages.

I was in a long distance relationship of over 3,000 miles part for over 3 years and now my wife and I are happily married. Throughout the process, we developed systems and techniques and manners of resolution and mindsets that allowed us to not only survive seeing each other once a year for 3 years, but thrive and grow closer in that time than couples I knew who were face to face.

I need your opinion on how to launch this or more directly advertise it. How do I make a value proposition for it? I know it is in demand by speaking to friends and looking at forums and there are only 2 other LDR programs like this and neither approach it with one on one first hand experience and mentoring (thy are more like traditional therapy sessions online).

Should I make an ebook and slowly build a following or go all out advertising the premium service (for around $2999 per monthly package (meeting intensively one on one as needed with my client to develop a game plan and personalized solutions for their unique situations).

Also I was thinking about getting Thrive Cart to advertise this and as my primary cart software. Ive heard incredible things about it but any feedback or experience with it from you all?

In the end I am stuck on how to advertise it. Should I make an ebook, make a webinar, make a video ad or something? Any feedback would be amazing!

Thank you!
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New Contributor
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Sep 2, 2018
Massachusetts, USA

Many people meet and get into long distance relationships with people on social media, like Facebook.
They communicate, share pictures and keep tabs on each other on Facebook.

Target them at ground zero, with Facebook ads.

This was the idea. I have a lot of experience with FB Ads and was definitely going to use them .but my primary question was should I offer an ebook or lower priced thing first or focus on my high ticket coaching and focus on getting a client(s). And reinvest some of the profit back into my business and give them the best experience possible for killer testimonials and such for the future? :)

In other words, should I slowly grow a community or focus on high ticket sales from the start?


Platinum Contributor
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Speedway Pass
May 28, 2014
I'm not exactly sure how this will work out for you. This is kind of fascinating niche, as it should cover cultural diversity, different cultures, because it goes beyond one culture. It's quite complex. And I would make sure you can cover the obstacles, the different ins and outs of crossing borders. The differences in relationship roles, beliefs, dynamics. The relationship sector is kind of breaking out of old ways.

Usually there are a lot of people on face book in different social groups. You just have to learn the key words, the different labels they use for different groups. I'm not sure they will pay that price unless they happen to be wealthy. And I'm not sure if you will find that target market on Facebook for your price.

Usually they use webinars, e-books, apps, and usually have a following every week on you tube, the way I see most relationship experts do it. And usually the couple together.
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Bronze Contributor
Speedway Pass
Feb 26, 2014
You can also find people who think long distance relationships is a joke (like me) and reverse engineer what NOT to target. This might help you get clearer on your targeting.

For exampe, definitely don't target anyone who likes dating/pua pages.

As for what to say, you can never go wrong with a lead magnet named "The 7 Deadly Sins In All Long-Distance Relationships". Plus, I have a feeling that mainly dudes will want your services/products.

Bryan James

Bronze Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Jul 1, 2018
Texas, USA
Starting out with an ebook isn't something I would recommend unless you already have a large social media following/personal brand, which most people accumulate over time on YouTube.

Aunt Clyde

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Aug 14, 2018
Long Island, NY
First off I would suggest broadening your focus. Not everyone believes in long distance relationships, myself included. You could expand it to relationship coaching for men and women.

I think there could be something here. Many people go to therapists. But therapy is expensive, insurance coverage is limited, and there may still be a stigma attached to it in some places.

Perhaps you could start by offering sessions via Skype or Google Duo. Your strength could be that you focus on the present and what people can do despite their past family or relationship issues. Maybe start with a blog and a social media presence and see how that works. This way people can get to know you.
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Dec 1, 2015
You can also release parts of your knowledge on YouTube and share that via different channels. When they're hooked, you can sell your stuff. But I don't believe that the people would pay the price for your one-on-one coaching.
Maybe offer two things: the personalized one-on-one coaching and a generic guide/ebook/webinar.

Nevertheless, good luck. I really like your niche/idea and wish you success.


Bronze Contributor
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Summit Attendee
Speedway Pass
Jun 9, 2015
My questions to you, in response to your question about value proposition:

What compelling reason (other than your anecdotal experience) would someone have to purchase your coaching?

In what additional ways are you qualified or skilled in the area of helping people with relationships?

How would you coach someone when the issues in their long distance relationship differ substantially from what you and your wife experienced?

The reason the other offerings you're seeing are therapy-based is because therapists have training, qualifications and experience beyond their personal lives to draw from.

Maybe an e-book would be a good start, as no doubt you have something valuable from your own experience to offer. But I'm not sure how far you can take a coaching program when your only stated experience is your own relationship.

The Abundant Man

Gold Contributor
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Speedway Pass
Jul 3, 2018
Distance = Time. I noticed from personal experience it just fades away after a while. But man congrats for getting married out of your long distance relationship. I guess what would you say is the #1 key to a long distance relationship?
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