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Jun 24, 2020
Hey guys,

Here's a short introduction of myself. I am a 28 year old dude.
I live in Germany, Cologne.
After working in the IT-Project business (Citrix / Terminalserver & other stuff) for some years I looked at my colleagues and thought to myself:
Do I want to be like those guys in their 50's or 60's?
Still paying for their mortgage, and clearly unhappy?
So after saving some money and knowing I can pay for myself at least a year, and on a day where I got bored to death at work I had my FTE. I quit.
And started a small business on Amazon.
That was approximately 2 years ago.
Researched the market, created my own brand, designed a really good product and shipped everything to Amazon.
But the sales never really reached a good level and so never did the positive feedback-loop. I stopped putting more effort and work into it.

And as my money began to shrink, I had to find an easy way of income.
So after giving myself the oath to never work for anyone else ... I broke it and started to work in an IT Startup.
The first months were awesome.
Life was good.
And it still kinda is ... but there is still the desire deep inside to do something ... big. On my own.
So there I was, doing a lot of fake actions. Not really pushing my still existing business. Reading tons of books until I came to Unscripted and joined the forum.

During that time I actually did something and taught myself Python and Django in my free time because I always wanted to create my own website to visualise the stock market and specific stocks on many levels. Basically I want to create an easy overview of the real market without being reliant on current news or events. Just raw value and value chains between each stock.
I just need to keep the flow & think of where to put all my energy into: My amazon business, the stock-value-chain-website or maybe something else? But I have to create something. That's all I know.

So here I am and the journey continues ...


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