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MARKETPLACE KAK’s “Kill Bigger” Incubation Program



Capitalist Swine
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Jan 23, 2011
Enrollment is closed... Unless there is something just too dang cool not to work on, I will not be approving any more applications.

Welcome to the incubator @B_Mac it is great to have you!

Thanks to the rest of you who applied! I truly mean it! It is always great to exchange emails in person and learn about folks.

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Ductus Exemplo
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Jul 10, 2016

Greg R

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Oct 28, 2015
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....and I'm back as promised to give @Kak a well-deserved complete review.

To give a little background, I was under @Kak's wing for four months.

One of the biggest things about Kyle is that he was always there. Any time I had a question, needed to review something, or just needed to blow off some steam, he was always there to help.

The overall goal of the program was to take my business to the next level (get investment funding and get me to a point where I could quit my job).

Little did I know (but I found out later) that I did not need investment funding and I did not need to get to a point where I could quit my job. Let me explain...

What we uncovered is that it was more beneficial for me to seek out a business loan rather than seek investment funding. And to this, we succeeded in obtaining. I believe that I got the first loan that I applied for. And the loan was not small either. It was for the exact amount I would have been seeking with investors.

On the job side of things, Kyle made me realize that I did not need to get to a point where I could quit my job. Because I could quit my job right now. Enough said.

Kyle helped me lay out a long term business plan and what I needed to do in the interim. He prevented me from doing stupid mistakes (which I'm very apt to do), and taught me a different way to think.

Now I'm in the middle of buying another business, and possibly starting another business.

To the long term plans we made, it was not just about my current venture. It was beyond that. Far beyond that. BIG PLANS.

One thing that Kyle does not do is offer advice. He is not there to tell you what to do. He makes you realize what you need to do by asking the right questions. Your job is to pay attention in how you answer those questions, and your answer will lie within.

Another thing about Kyle is that he will never tell you no. Even if he thinks your idea sucks, he still won't tell you no. It took me awhile to figure out why, but I believe it's because he does not want to limit you. You will eventually find out that it is a bad idea when it's time to find out. You would have probably never tried if he told you no.

Because of Kyle, I've opened the door to more mass market opportunities, increased my online sales to the tune of 2-3x, and now have a better handle on my business.

If you are an action faker who is still trying to start, you probably won't get much out of this. The people who will get the most out of the incubator are those people ready for propagation or whose businesses have already been validated.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank Kyle for what he has done for me. I know that he is satisfied with my progress and with what we've accomplished. He will be even more satisfied when our plans are carried out and he sees my products at Bass Pro :D.


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Oct 1, 2018
Great to see such massive progress, in just four months of collaboration. I wish both of you more success in the future !!!

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