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May 5, 2015
Self-explanatory title.

My Story (summary)
I got bad grades, I hated school. I know this actually is the same with a lot of people, but at the time I thought I was just a "dumbass" or a loser. I've always had an active mind, ever since I was a kid I wanted to create. I made music, I made websites, I dabbled in programming, I learned to tattoo, etc. I got my first job when I was 17, barely finished school because I was more interested in making money. Although I did hold hobbies and abilities (I refuse to call it talent). I was and still am extremely into creating music. At the time, I remember being 16 and creating various music, selling it to friends, strangers, on the internet, etc. At the time, I didn't realize this would be a useful trait later on.
Fast forward a bit, I settled and got a "real job" (slowlane). I switched employers, but stayed in the same field about 9 years. I was a total sidewalker at the time. I was also very irresponsible, delusional and entitled. Throughout that time, I got married at 23 (lol), lost my job and got a divorce. Good times. I was always one of those people that hated having a "job", but was always told that thinking I didn't need to work a day job my whole life means I'm just lazy. I felt like that part was a bit of bullshit. I was out of work a while. During that time, I learned a lot about myself. I changed a lot, learned a lot and got things together. Landed another job, quickly moved up through the company. I was beginning to settle. Fast forward a couple more years, things were way better, I got a new car finally, was making OK money (by my standards then) but things were becoming redundant again. Switched job fields, got into auto sales a little over a year ago. Here I am.. Working toward firing my boss and moving on.

Then & Now
When I realized I hated my job field (the one of 9 years) I took a risk and jumped into auto sales. Was making better money, but began realizing it was still just another dead-end job. Recently (no more than a year ago) something changed me. I began reading more. I'm 28 years old now and the only thing I regret now is not listening more and not finding mentors when I was younger. I've begun a bout of self-improvement and have been loving every minute of it. I used to be a blamer/a "victim", I didn't take accountability, I was of little action, delusional (I'm special, something will work out) and a sidewalker.
Now, I've learned humility, I learn from mistakes and use failures as a positive movement toward success, I know the world owes me NOTHING (you only deserve what you earn), the list goes on.
In my current slowlane job, I work in special finance for auto sales. Man, I could literally write a book on the stories I hear/see. Everyone wants a handout, and when they can't handle responsibility they want a bailout. It's ridiculous. I've had people with a 400 credit score tell me they need something "nice". Anyway, I won't turn this into a rant. Then, I discovered the Fastlane Millionaire. I don't recall how, I was googling something, actually came across the forum first. Read one member's review on the book and bought it that same night via Amazon Next Day delivery. Man... I LOVE THIS BOOK. MJ, you are SPOT ON!! I was so happy to see it wasn't another candy-bar motivation book, its' REALITY. I'm not done with the book yet (about half-way through it within a week) but have already found so many take away's from it (another thing I've grown to love, having a daily take away).

To close up here, I've been more motivated than ever to make something with my life, not settle for the slowlane. I've come to realize I was raised by generations of sidewalkers. The slowlane is programmed in our brain by society, the media. I'm tired of it. I see so many people struggle with things that they don't have to struggle with, so many people not making the most of what they can, I decided to pass along take aways I have from daily reading to friends and others via a blog. A lot of it can seem like common sense stuff, but in a chaotic world we end to over-dramatize our circumstances and the solution doesn't seem so simple (while it usually is).

I plan to start a business, but can't figure out what. I like helping people, but I also like creating. I can't figure out where to start exactly, which idea is best. Which I look at as a good thing; why settle for one business?

Anyway, sorry this turned into a bit of rambling. I kept getting interrupted. I should learn how to isolate myself a bit better.

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