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Dec 14, 2020
Going back would mean you get rewarded for doing nothing. A mans inner warrior usually only comes out when he's pushed to find enough to eat for a week on 1 euro, and still train.

Also everyone right now is "starting a business" - why is your idea profitable?, wheres the money? how much money? Who is already paying you before you have product? Do you have orders?

99.9% of people starting a "business" right now will fail horribly because they have no idea about business and are just doing it to feel like they did something.

Most businesses, outside of creating a wonder product are slower in the beginning and in reality you could even keep your current job and export much of the work to upwork/students - especially all the sales and marketing lead generation stuff - in fact you should hire these people right now to go see if they can get orders before you even start.

Everyone wants to leave their grind but it has to be well thought out as when you do, you lose a source of income and this will be brutal when needing to invest in the company.

Plus no one realizes that you're tired when you're losing - and the moment you feel like you have no income for a prolonged period - your mindset will go insane on you.


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Apr 22, 2021
Hello! Like many of you I recently read all the books and it changed my way of thinking. I am going to make changes in my life to take this journey. It's happening no matter what. Right now, I have a couple of options and would like to hear some opinions. Maybe some of you have been in similar positions and your insight would be greatly appreciated as It will give me more perspective to make a decision.

I am 30 at the moment, living in Canada, dual citizen (Mexico/Canada), and have been working on an industry in the film industry since I was 24. I thought it was what I loved but ended up hating it as MJ mentions it happens. My issue is that the job I have is very prone to steal my time even the one that's supposed to be free. That's just the nature of the industry. Now that I have been awakened to the value of my time. I realize that I have to get out and succeed in my own terms. I have some options at the moment to choose from in the next months.

One, I can return to my home country, stay with my parents and work on developing a business. Time wise, it's great as I will barely have any expenses and I will have all the time to work on this path. The only problem I see is that accessibility to resources such as importing goods is difficult and I won't have my connections that I've built over the years as available. Also, I am not sure if my parent's house will be a good environment as there's not a lot of entrepreneurial spirit there. Sadly, my hometown is kind of of slow lane minded. With this option, theoretically I get to keep almost all my time but I stop making money and have diminished access to certain resources and most of my connections.

Next option, I can switch jobs to something that would give me more time in Canada like a tech job and I will be able to cover my living expenses here and work on my business on the side. Even though I am a good developer it doesn't have to be tech, the point is that I can cover my expenses at very minimum to focus on my journey. Another plus for this option is that I get to have a good environment for work and development as opposed to living with my parents. Also, I find that there's a lot of like minded individuals where I am currently located that can be positive influence to my journey. With this decision, I keep making just enough money to survive, have more resources available, a good environment at the expense of some of my time.

Third option I keep my current position and just try to use the time I have available as best as I can. I think this one is a bad option as it just steals too much of my time and whatever extra money I make makes no difference at this point.

I am kind leaning towards the first option at this moment.

Thank you for your advice!

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