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Is it possible to invade the United States?

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New Contributor
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Feb 25, 2022
You could bomb (hardly) the US but invade, It's almost impossible, only overseas territories. Geography+Army. With much less the UK or Japan were never invade. The only ones that might have a shot is their land neighbours and they dont have the power.
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Johnny boy

Legendary Contributor
Speedway Pass
May 9, 2017
Washington State

It takes 100 years.

America is a democratic republic, and a very powerful one. It is like a military AC-130 with the most advanced defenses, and the pilots are chosen from the group of passengers.

If you want to destroy the plane, you cannot shoot it down. And if you plant a couple of bad pilots, the passengers will throw them out. The only answer is to change the passengers. Once the passengers are comprised of 51% of the type of people you want, they will do anything and will cheer as the plane nosedives into the ground.

America has been infiltrated for a century by people who hate it, who work day and night to teach young people to hate themselves, their history, their race, their gender, their freedom, their excellence, and that generation has grown up and now occupies positions of power. If you even mention this, you will be targeted. They have created 50 different types of names to call you and accuse you of. They'll call you every type of "___-ist" for using common sense and that is by design. Over a long period of time America's demographics will change (intentionally). You cannot fight the steady creep of demographics, birth rates, and the steady force of propaganda in our media and education system. Over time, it slowly does it's magic until the passengers who make up this country cheer as it plummets into the ground and call it progress.

This is the Bolshevik revolution but slowly and less initially violent.

It doesn't matter how many gun owners we have. Your kids will hate guns, vote them to be illegal, they will ban ar-15's, 30rd mags, and more and more things. Some people will fight back and get their dogs shot by the ATF during some no-knock raids, and it'll slowly and slowly creep for years and years until nobody even wants guns anymore.

This whole "freedom" thing hinges on the people actually WANTING freedom. You just change out the people, and you can do anything. You can break any law if prosecutors refuse to prosecute. You'll be waiving around your pieces of paper and crying "unconstitutional" when a federal agent shoots your wife in the head while holding your baby.

This is not a conspiracy. These people will tell you their plans. And people who support these ideas are not evil, they are just stupid.

Look at what has happened in such a short time.



This is not an accident.

America is just a name and a location on a map. Everything else that makes it up can be changed. It's people, it's laws, it's wealth, it's spirit, all of these things are malleable and even it's history.

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