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Sep 14, 2009
Either one.

Ok here is a quick overview. In my industry I got hooked up with this new marine company who is going to be funded $7m in another month or so. They are looking to do a soft launch of the websites associated with that company. They are looking for a small investment for equity in the biz with a buy back option. He will be looking to buy back the shares as soon as the larger funding comes in if that is what you want. If you can't fund it then they are willing to issue you a finders fee for referring someone who can once the larger funds clear.

Tony Sellars, a pro-angler legend and owner of Christian Angler TV (he is also a corporate speaker for Bass Pro) is on the team as well as 6 or 7 others. They are looking to launch their own cable tv channel in the next 12 months. $3m will immediately go to purchase a current website earning $150K monthly with over 300,000 members.

There is a guy who is on the team who now sits on the Board for Google Earth. Thought I would throw that in there. :thumbsup:

I personally funded the manufacturing of the 4 disk DVD box set series that they now have in hand to begin selling copies. It will retail for $79.95

Anyway I have a business plan from this company. If you are interested in funding or finding funding for a fee please PM me ASAP. We are looking to get the funding in hand before July turns into August.

I am also able to get you in touch with the CEO and the guy facilitating the larger funds if need be.

Thanks and that's the end of my spiel. :coffee:

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Jan 13, 2010
It's been 6 months, so what happened? Did anyone get to meet with the Google Earth CEO?

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