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Read Millionaire Fastlane
Aug 7, 2021
Hi Fastlane Forum!

I'm Jace, I read the Millionaire Fastlane last year and felt like it was me writing to myself 20 years in the future. I didn't even have time to regret not finding the book 10 years ago before I discovered all the things taught about in it the hard way because I was looking for a book to sum up my experiences for my wife. Even though I can write 2-5 blog posts a day like sips of lemonade on a hot day, writing a book about a decade+ of second-hand experiences I've learned from other people that had success and lost success was not in my ability to accomplish before I made the money I needed to afford that comfort. So I was really excited to find it, share it with her in January, and since then we've doubled our income and got into our dream apartment all while still building our Fastlane. That's right, just by applying certain principles about good debt and tracking numbers, I was able to convince my wife that investing $1200 a month in new debts could at least double that amount every month while we both work less. We do Uber Eats, and now we at least triple that amount and work 30% less. Overall we've more than doubled our income from that alone if we want to, but the time is so much more valuable while we build our Fastlane machines in blogging, e-commerce, and product development. All while living at the top of a highrise in downtown SD in May, when just 1 month before the pandemic we moved into renting a room for less than 1/4 the price and we weren't sure how we were going to pay. My wife didn't know how to trust me at first, but I'm glad she did, then she wanted to know HOW to think the way I did, and that led me to reading over 200 books since then to eventually find the millionaire fastlane in January, since then I've read over another 100 books.

I don't really feel like a success story, but after reading this I'm starting to feel like that's what I'm trying to make this sound like. Which is surreal, because I'm not trying to make it sound that way, I'm just really excited to tell MY story... which is weird to even write like that. I'm writing about MY STORY and the concept of success in the same sentence.

I'm just getting started, I've only scratched the surface. I already got everything I wanted in life when I married the woman of my dreams after spending 10+ years looking for her and being accused of being crazy for having such high standards. I mean, she was a health nut 1/3 my size and I was over 350 pounds just a few years ago when I got married. We've doubled to tripled our income every year for the last 2 years, and the two years before that, our fist two years of marriage, I lost 25-50lbs every year until this year... my first year of gains since then... because... well I'm getting into strength training for the first time! Since getting everything I wanted in life, things like making money and health seem easy, especially since I got what I wanted the hard way. That's Right, I took the "slow lane" to love, got smacked in the face by how much harder I made things on myself than they needed to be. And was just grateful that the slow lane to love wasn't 65 realizing I was duped about retirement. The principals and strategies in MJs books work great for money, as money is objectively measurable, but it also works for other value metrics like love, health, or even things like getting laid, or celebrity (i.e. The 50th Law).

I'm reading Unscripted now, started it this month, almost done with it. I have recommended TMF more than any other book this year. I haven't had this kind of a response to an author since Robert Glover or Robert Greene.

Thank You MJ, TMF Fastlaned my Wife's education 10 years ahead of what I would have been able to do for her without your book and turned us into the power couple we knew we could be, faster than we knew possible! And I know we'll be able to finish our Fastlane money trees and take shit to the next level before we know it!

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MJ DeMarco

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I've Read Rat-Race Escape!
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Incredible intro, so happy to hear the principles are working for you and the wife. Congrats on moving the meter and striving for the life YOU want to have, not having the life that culture wants you to have.

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