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INTRO Introduction : my story, F*ck This Event & current entrepreneurial status

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Apr 6, 2020
Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride :clench:
From being a Medical Master student to a clear and big f*ck This Event which made me follow a route I never thought I'd take: entrepreneurship.

Hi Everyone!

Glad to have found my way to this forum after reading 'The Millionaire Fastlane' and currently reading UNSCRIPTED.
Now, besides reading studybooks... I've never ever read books in my 'free time'. However, TMF changed the game.
TMF made me read 1 hour each day in the early morning. Currently enjoying UNSCRIPTED a lot! (currently at chapter 23).

Let me shortly explain what'll I speak about in my introduction post:
1. Who am I
2. My story
3. My big f*ck This Event
4. Current situation
5. Learnings

It's a big post and a lot of background info, though it's all relevant in the road to the businesses that I have now.
I'll have a TLDR summary at the bottom of this whole post.

Who am I

My name is Koen Schobbers and I'm a 27 year old guy from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I live with my South African girlfriend that I met through Instagram (gotta love technology). I used to be a Medical Master student at the Amsterdam Medical Center (AMC) with a special sport-status, something I'll talk about in my story. When I'm not hobbying (aka working) I enjoy being with friends, riding on my bike (Yamaha R6 2010 Rossi Edition) and doing sport. I enjoy doing sports in the morning, followed by reading for 1 hour at least. After that it's full-focus till 8 or 9pm.

I never ever thought I'd be owning a company. I always said I'd be the last one in the family.. Now I'm the first. So yea, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
I'm currently the owner of two companies in the gaming and esports (competitive gaming) industry. In short:

1. Koenz - The name used to be my ingame name as a professional gamer. With Koenz, I'm helping businesses to leverage the gaming & esports industry to position & promote the business by targeting their ideal client through this industry. I'm also a public speaker since 2017.

2. Parents of Play - This company is recently registered and will launch end of this week or start next week. With Parents of Play I help parents with gaming children to repair, retain or reinforce their relation with their gaming child by providing free downloads, online courses and a multi-week program. I also have a Facebook Group to build a community. My 'why' of this company is my personal experience with my own mom and realizing how tought things can be. More info in my personal story.

My Favorite Quotes:
- Take the risk or lose the chance
- We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing (quote that suits the mindset behind Parents of Play).

I'll share my LinkedIn for the ones that like to connect. If I'm not allowed to share any links, please let me know and I'll remove it. Link can be found in my profile as well.
- LinkedIn : Security Verification | LinkedIn

My story
- My dad found the game 'Trackmania', a racing game. I started playing and had talent. I was approached by an amateur team to play with them and therefore got in touch with competitions and tournaments. My skill level improved rapidly.

2007 - 10 months later I became a professional gamer after my parents read through the contract . Before signing, they mentioned something important: ''as long as your school results remain the same, you're allowed to play. If they drop, you'll have to stop till they're normal again'.

I like to add that my parents are employees and that the slowlane is their way of life. My mom definitely pushed towards study results and always said it's one of the most important things. I was a good student always doing my homework and studying for tests.

2009 - The 'Why' story of Parents of Play. I'm sitting in this 4x4 white room on my highschool. It smells like this old pc has been on for too long and the only light we have comes from fluorescent tubes in the ceiling. I'm sitting next to the pedagogue / family therapist. Opposite of me, on the other side of the table, are my parents. It felt like a court case. So what happened?

I got in a massive fight with my mom in the morning. Why? Because it was again one of the many shitty things she mentioned about me playing games. To clarify, she never had interest in me playing games and people surrounding my mom were also making comments about 'her son being a gamer and instead should do something more useful with his time'. With time passing by, we unexpectedly find ourselves in a really bad relationship. Frustrations, discussions, fights. Always about gaming really. Not much communication between us, not much interest being shown in one another. Being a gaming child completely disconnect my mom and me from one another. I know how bad the situation can become once you reach this phase.

2011 - Played my first offline event in the Netherlands, called a LAN-Party. I played in the Trackmania tournament against other Dutch people and managed to win the tournament. My dad helped me set up my PC on friday and picked me up afterwards as well on sunday. He supported me and enjoyed meeting my teammates. Later in time even my grandma came to an event to see me play in the finals, together with my dad

2013 - Playing the World Cup final of Trackmania in Paris playing for Team Acer. I became 3rd at the WC and it's the biggest achievement in my career. You can watch the absolute final round, a 1v1 of me vs a Norwegian opponent, on youtube:

2014 - Icebreaker. I'm interviewed by one of the biggest Dutch channels. The TV guys appear at my parents house and you should've seen my moms face hah. She had no idea what was going on and was completely surprised of her son being in the national news. Though, this whole event (not the TFE) broke the ice between us. She watched the news on TV with me in it. We slowly started communicating again with her checking out all interviews that followed after this first one. It was the start of many years growing back together again and being comfortable.

You can find a link to the first article in this google docs document in which I put every single interview I had in 6 years: Koen Schobbers - News

2016 - I finished my Biomedical Sciences bachelor and I was busy with my Medical Pre-Master year. This is a special transition year in which you have to pass the Bachelor of Medicine in about 1 year. It's an enormous amount of work.. And if you fail to pass a test you're only allowed to do 1 re-test. If you fail that one, you're out.

During this year, I became a TV host on FOX-Sports for an esports competition, broadcasted on FOX-1 or FOX-3. Broadcast day? Tuesday afternoon:happy: So what did I do? 'F*ck' my studies on tuesday and go host the TV show haha (not the TFE yet). The good thing about university is, is that it's mostly based on your own disciplin without many 'must-attend' stuff. So I just skipped lessons and such and checked them online afterwards.

Later this year I also became a founding member of the Athletes Commission of the International Esports Federation (IESF), which I had to go to Shanghai for. Luckily it was during my holidays (and my backpacking trip in Indonesia). I also gave the first workshop for parents with gaming children which was a great success.

Finally, I noticed that if I was going to pass my Pre-Master medical study, I was never going to be able to combine my esports career with my studies. So I got in touch with someone that could help me out to try and find a solution. And.. so we did --> 2017

2017 - The beginning of my first CENTS product. I finished my Pre-Master of Medicine on the 5th of january 2017. I was only allowed to start my Master in september 2017 so I had 9 months to fill. Now, many people I know went on holiday for multiple months etc. But I wasn't one of them. Instead, I decided to write down all my knowledge about the gaming and esports industry, including tips and advice for parents with gaming children. I eventually got in touch with a known publisher in the Netherlands through a friend. Caught by surprise, they loved the topic I was writing about as it was such a 'hot topic'. They read through my whole ''book'' and wanted to do something with it #mindblown

In april 2017, I was also the first professional gamer to receive a topsport status in order to combine my medical study with my esports career. Pretty lit. Lots of media attention as well (can be found in the google docs link). This also was a boost for my business career afterwards.

The start of my first business: Koenz. The esports team I was playing for, Team Acer, quit in january 2016. However, Acer Benelux wanted to keep me as an ambassador and I agreed. At first, I only received hardware like a laptop and such. Though, this year we got more serious and I was going to be paid monthly. I also started speaking in public about gaming & esports, so I had two reasons to send invoices. So just for convenience purposes, I registered Koenz as a company.

Now to be clear: I had -100 experience in business. Never thought it came to this point. So from this moment, I simply learned on the go. I still suck in many things, but that's where other people help out ^_^ Why do things yourself when it's the job of others right.

2018 - My big The f*ck Event. I started doubting. I started to have funny feelings. I started to observe doctors and students around me. I started to realise what the 'work' of a doctor has become: lots of administration and PC work. I started to think: what the F am I doing here? My career in the esports industry was growing. Companies started to take notice and asking me for advice or guidance. However, when you are in your Medical Masters being in the hospital from 7AM to 7PM, it's a bit difficult to meet with companies.

Being a doctor wasn't as I thought it would be. At the same time, my career in the gaming industry grew. But stopping your medical masters study.. are you CRAZY? Since you were a young kid on highschool this was the goal, and now that you're in your 1st medical master year you want to give up? Since you only have 2,5 years to go, you want to give up?

Voices in my head started taking over. I began talking with people about my thoughts and feelings and the more I spoke about it, the more I started doubting.

So typical me, I wanted to see if there's a solution to combine both. I spoke with the student advisor who knew me well due to my topsport status at the university. Eventually I figured out that I was able to have a year off my medical master without risk. If I wanted to come back, I was able to. If not, then not. So basically, I realized I could give myself 1 year to 'try-out' to work fulltime in my company and see if I can make a living from it... #challengeaccepted

12th of June I walked out of the hospital for the last time and never looked back ever since.

2019 - Development of a SCENTS business. A summary of my 1 year after medical school can be seen here as I wrote an article about it on my Linkedin:

I faced a ''problem'', and that was spending time for money. Now, I didn't know about MJ's books and the forum at that time, but I did realise that if I want to achieve one of my goals, I had to change my approach. I had the same goal for many years already: get a lamborghini before I'm 30 years old by impacting as many people as I can. Problem: I had no 'vehicle' to achieve this. Result --> time to brainstorm.

As my book for parents with gaming children was still in development and I regularly gave presentations or workshops for parents, I knew there was an opportunity here. So instead of providing presentations and workshops in real live, why not scale this with online courses online? Parents of Play was born.

2020 - My current situation.
launch is planned in october:smile: The publisher found an amazing ghost-writer which I've been working with for a long period now. The publisher is also freaking amazing, inviting many authors for a bookgala earlier this year. They have many best-sellers on their name and of course I hope many parents find my book valuable and that it'll do good. It will be a Dutch book as the primary market is Dutch parents. Due to me also being well connected with media, and some media already knowing a book is coming, I expect media attention in the Netherlands. With this attention, I can forward people to the Parents of Play platform as well. When the book does well, I hope it'll be picked up by a publisher across the border and translated. Who knows. One thing is certain: it's not me going to translate it anytime soon haha.

Study: didn't think about going back a single second. Never had a feeling of doubt. Never had a feeling of insecurity.

Business: Parents of Play is about to launch. Corona doesn't affect the platform much so that's great. However, some almost deals with Porsche and Vodafone got delayed due to Coronavirus so do miss some income there. Also no speaking engagements at the moment as these are also canceled or delayed.

Investments: a public-speaking academy with quarterly meetings. Thought it was good to surround myself with like-minded entrepreneurs and speakers and improve myself where I can. It's not only about speaking, but also about marketing, building your own models to teach and other stuff. It's great. Had a coach for a while as well, expensive stuff. Not sure if it was worth the investment, but hey #learningcurve.

I also invested in an online course that I won't mention here due to not knowing if I'm allowed or not. However, it really helps me out on setting up funnels, understanding some business things and how consulting works, which I basically do for businesses but also parents. So it really helped me out in preperation of the launch of Parents of Play and I'll let you know how things go when it's all up and running

I also have a business coach. It definitely helps me with goal-setting and some little tricks and things I didn't know. But it's not a guy that owned a multimillion company. He has a great reputation as startup coach and is involved in many programs. Got to know him through a connection of mine. So far, so good.

Daily stuff: I don't own a car, got a bike though paying 17 euros a month. Got a clothes sponsor which comes in handy. My Acer ambassadorship basically pays for most of my basic living costs.

- Stop being a perfectionist and just get out there and learn along the way. This is always one of my mistakes, and even though I write it down as a learning I'm still learning it myself
- Take chances. Remember, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Your life is based on your choices, and all choices build up to where you are today. When you read my story, you'll probably notice that I made a set of choices that eventually leads to where I am today. I took risks by combining my study with hosting on FOX-Sports for example, missing every tuesday afternoon
- Say yes, and figure out 'how' afterwards. If there's an opportunity in line with what you do, just say yes. You'll learn along the way
- Think out of the box. If there's not yet a solution for something, try to create it. There was no topsportstatus for pro-gamers. No-one ever thought that moment would come. But well, I searched for someone that was able to help me out and then it happened and caught the news.
- 'Weekend' doesn't exist. Every day is a work-day when you're building your dream life. I often forget what day it is. I do see my friends somewhere in the weekend, but other than that I'm working all day, every day. Because on day, every day will be holiday.
- Fail to succeed. Ah, being a entrepreneur not knowing shit about business isn't easy. I sometimes had no clue what I was doing and learned from it. I never really enjoyed the 'backbone' stuff of a business, so yea, i dont do it and leave that to others. Which brings me to the next one:
- Find people that become an extension of you. If you don't like certain things --> find someone that does.
- Time: success doesn't happen overnight. Even though I enjoy my career so far, I'm FAR FAR FAR away from having the success that I look forward to. Or... am I? Because you never know when life changes. One decision can turn things around, quick
- The f*ck Event --> find yours. Make the decision. Never look back.
- Get in the picture --> attend meetings, conferences, try to speak on stages if you can. It builds credit and reputation which might help in your business. It does for me at least as I can use all pictures and stuff for marketing purposes. It also gives credibility.
- Study --> study is nice, following a dream is nicer.
- Sports --> entrepreneurship can be a lonely road for some. Days indoors become the norm for some. Get moving, walk outside each day and have some fresh air, or go running. This helps me personally.
- Never give up and enjoy the process --> You'll get there. I'll get there. I don't know when, but one day I look back at this post and be like: damn it's been quite a crazy road. Stay motivated by enjoying everything you learn. Enjoy the failures, enjoy the successes, enjoy the impact, enjoy your millionaire fastlane.
- Focus --> I can easily be distracted by opportunities I see, as I see them left-right-center in my industry.. Stick with 1 thing at the beginning.

- I own 2 businesses in the gaming and the esports (competitive gaming) industry. One is focused on helping companies, the other on helping parents with gaming children. I'm also a public speaker. I'm in the gaming industry for 14 years now
- TFE --> my the f*ck event was me being a medical master student but not enjoying my daily things in the hospital. I looked around me and noticed my doubts inside. I gave up my medical study to follow my passion. So far, so good.
- SCENTS: I have a book coming later this year & one of my businesses is build in a CENTS way (online courses for parents with gaming children)
- I never finished a book besides my study books. The Millionaire Fastlane was the first book I ever finished and it was in less than a week. Thanks to this book, reading now is a habit and I read every morning for at least 1 hour. I'm currently at chapter 23 in UNSCRIPTED, loving it.

Thanks @MJ DeMarco for your books and providing great insights and learnings. Very motivating and I very much enjoy the straight-forward no bullshit way of writing and the sarcasm. My girlfriend is currently reading TMF while i'm reading unscripted. I told her to join the forum as well. Also thanks for building the forum, I'm sure I'll be part of an amazing community and will learn a lot along the way.

Thank you all for reading, enjoy the ride!
Koen Schobbers

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Dec 21, 2015
Awesome intro, welcome to the family!


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Jun 11, 2019
Awesome story! Welcome!


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Apr 5, 2020
The Netherlands
Hi Koen,

We have already met but welcome to the forum! It was a lot of fun to read your story and good to see you are now committed to other parents with gaming children after you've realized from your own experience that this can be a difficult period for them. We keep in touch!


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Apr 6, 2020
Thanks @francevalue!

Awesome intro, welcome to the family!

Thanks @Almantas ! Put some time to write hehe. Saw in the intro post of @MJ DeMarco that it's better to read a bit more than not enough ^_^

Awesome story! Welcome!

Appreciate it, thanks @gryfny!

Hi Koen,

We have already met but welcome to the forum! It was a lot of fun to read your story and good to see you are now committed to other parents with gaming children after you've realized from your own experience that this can be a difficult period for them. We keep in touch!

Definitely keep in touch, thanks for your reply and reading the story @mve0991!

Dank @jpn :)
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Aug 13, 2018
Great story! I feel like you could make a lot of money with the course for parents of gamer children.

Thanks for sharing!


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Apr 6, 2020
Great story! I feel like you could make a lot of money with the course for parents of gamer children.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for your comment man! I try to provide as much value as possible to parents. We'll see what the result will be in time - money wise :)

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