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Apr 26, 2019
Hello! I'm about halfway through Fastlane and I have got to say it was the kick in the a$$ I've been needing.

The story so far:

I moved away from home (family was getting toxic and breaking apart after I graduated college) back in 2014. Got a job as an operator in a factory. I had grown up in a "sidewalk" household. My dad had said it countless times "it's only money" "you can't take it to the grave" yaddah yaddah yah. Thankfully he at least spoon-fed me the slowlane to get me out of that rut. Anyway, grunt level work wasn't beneath me and I enjoyed myself for a bit because I was finally out on my own. Every young adult's dream. Fast forward 5 years and I get my 3rd promotion and I'm moving up to Wisconsin and now I'm a supervisor. I was really starting to hate my job and myself up until that point. One of my big reservations about taking the promotion was that I knew it was going to be more of the same. The grind. The unpaid overtime. The ungratefulness. Just another cog in the machine making someone else money.

I had tried various ideas, tried making a candy business, t-shirt printing, board games, dungeon tiles for D&D (big nerd here), even tried writing a book a few times. Every time I start I end up losing motivation or I discourage myself. Most of the time was because of cash flow. Made some stupid mistakes in those 5 years, living paycheck-to-paycheck every week and never getting ahead.

The only reason I took this job was not because I wanted the nice sit-down job where I tell people what to do, but because I saw it as an escape from the sidewalk. I've got the house with the mortgage, car payment, credit card debt, and student loans. Never defaulted on a payment, my debt is manageable, that's never been the problem. Just the fact that now I have actual disposable income to sink into a business and get it off the ground for once.

I even tried that recently. I work in plastics for an automotive supplier, so naturally that's what I have a lot of skill in. Most of my products are small and plastic and I can easily make. I started building a small injection molding press in my basement. Unfortunately, I hit the same roadblock as always. I just stopped. All the pieces are sitting on my workbench and have been collecting dust for 2 months. Ironically, I had found the Fastlane about 2 months ago on Reddit and never picked it up until today.

I've always told everyone I'm going to retire before I'm 40, and I'm still going to do just that. Thank you so much for the kick in the a$$!

Does anyone have any tips for motivation? When what you're striving for starts to stagnate and feel like that 9-to-5 grind? I have the best and most supportive friends anyone could ask for, but I know in the end that I'm my biggest enemy.

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Speedway Pass
Mar 1, 2016
Hello @LostCause!
Welcome to the forum :)

After you'll read some threads 'n' posts by successful Fastlaners
you'll get better view on motivation.

If you want "TL;DR" then its this:
Motivation is like an event. Lasts maximum few days and then wears off.
The solution is called "process" or solving "process vs event" mindset.

In process you improve or progress everyday even when there are no rewards in
short term view, and even when you don't want to work on your project.

Maybe someone experienced can explain it better but this is my shot on describing
what i've learned here.

MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ


New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Apr 26, 2019
Thanks for the welcomes. No better time than the present to get started, I've got some work to do!


Silver Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Speedway Pass
Apr 12, 2012
Welcome to the forum LostCause, nice to have you here!

Does anyone have any tips for motivation? When what you're striving for starts to stagnate and feel like that 9-to-5 grind? I have the best and most supportive friends anyone could ask for, but I know in the end that I'm my biggest enemy.
I want to add one thing to the posts above.

Expect meaningful work, that can get you ahead, to feel unmotivating at times.
That's why it can be so high rewarding financially.
If you expect things to be(come) hard and a grind at times you won't give up so easily.

Also embrace the "suck".
Tell yourself that it is ok to absolutely not want to do something and still do it, because you know it's the right thing to do.
Don't run away from these feeling. Face them and you will see that the demotivation, boredom etc. usually decreases.

Check out "if-then implementations".
It's a tool that's scientifically proven to work.

It goes like this:
If ... (add your challenge),
then ... (add how you will react.

If I don't feel like working on my project,
then I will remember why I started it in the first place and what I will get out of hit when I execute it succesfully.

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