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Interesting Numbers

Discussion in 'General Entrepreneur Discussion' started by TheGreatBear, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. TheGreatBear

    TheGreatBear Guest

    Rep Bank:

    ". Medical care spending is now more than 12 percent of the economy, double the level in 1975."

    Nonresidential construction spending makes up a smaller part of the economy, but its strength has helped to offset some of the pain brought on by the housing plunge. Its 3.4 percent share of the economy is the highest since 1990.

    Does nonresidential construction spending mean businesses are spending more? If businesses are confident, there's no reason to doubt the economy...
    And on an interesting note:
    But federal nonmilitary spending has not grown nearly as rapidly as the economy. At 2.3 percent of the economy, it is lower than at any time since 2001, although even that figure is higher than the level that prevailed in the late 1990s. Military spending, at 4.8 percent of the economy, is taking its highest share since 1994, though it is still at less than half the level recorded during the Vietnam War.

    2.3%... Hardly sounds like big gov to me.

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