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Oct 30, 2017
Los Angeles
How did you get your first sale? What started it all? How did you acquire the relationship with the constructors, gardeners, or landscape architects that got your foot in the door?
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Sep 30, 2018
International $$
How did you get your first sale? How did you acquire the relationship with the constructors, gardeners, or landscape architects that got your foot in the door?
How did you get your first sale?:
It's very ez,
- B2C: My first clients with businesscards, (before that: design a nice website and Google Business Profile with reviews, ask people to do for litte money and a good review the job //it's crystal clear: better reviews, better projects)

- B2B: Gardeners and landscapers with cold calling

What started it all?
I saw a tree nursery owner, how much money he made

How did you acquire the relationship with the constructors, gardeners, or landscape architects that got your foot in the door?
- give them some percentage of the project, like a 200€
- going to a restaurant to get a very close relationship with them
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Jun 10, 2024
Hey boys,
The business is developing (very) splendidly and brings more and more joy with it. :) Amazingly, our affiliate partners and resellers can already show impressive sales. Hardly a day goes by that I don't set up new partners who either resell the products or refer customers to our web shop. (YES I have adjusted my model: resellers and affiliate partners)

At the moment I'm putting a lot of energy into optimizing our end customer shop. As for the business customer area, I received a price list from our main supplier. Depending on the item, the prices have been adjusted by a factor of 1.2 to 1.4. The transport costs to the respective construction site will be charged separately. I then send this total to potential resellers. In this context, I act as a kind of middleman and sell myself as a manufacturer, never physically touching the goods, but only acting as an intermediary. I have established relationships in this industry that give me access to the best products and very good quality anywhere in Europe. Interestingly, various colleagues from different companies have given me interesting insights. I just asked good questions that lead me to the information. Questions are weapons, you can get every information with right question.

The key to any thriving business model is INSIDERS knowledge. For example, I've noticed that freight returns are often remarkably cheaper - sometimes as much as 50% compared to the original shipping cost. That's why I don't only orientate myself to local providers, but also look out for international transport companies - especially those from neighboring countries often have cheap prices.

I think what's important is that business success isn't just measured in profits. It's the joy and contentment I see in my business partners that really makes me happy. Of course, money plays a role, but the happiness and satisfaction of my partners is great. This realization drives me and has led to the fact that I am currently almost continuously immersed in my work. I keep thinking about how I can refine processes and improve our branding.
What I find funny: All gurus always say: never work for the sake of work. I'll tell you F*ck what they say. A real man will work his a$$ off and step on the gas. We are responsible for ourselves and the well-being of our children: we have responsibilities.
What really inspired me was the following sentence:
"The better someone can imagine their target situation, the more motivated they are"
Also very inspiring: The generative principle: The more you take care of something, the stronger it grows. Thinking, action and spirit must be one, and this only works if you are focused on your business, which makes sense, which requires your full mental power and to which you dedicate yourself with everything you have.
Recommended book: Empire of Business, Chapter Business!!!!!!!!

Note: What I'm really missing at the moment are more hours a day. But since I work so focused on our business, there is no moment for nonsense.
Why do you recommend Empire of Business? For example, is it good if I want to expand my fastlane vocabulary (like, so I know what everyone here is talking about)?

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