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Oct 13, 2018
Santa Monica, CA
An FTE for sure!
My wife called me with these two thrilling, intoxicating and downright scary little words just over 3 months ago. I knocked over my chair in a hipster coffee shop, hopped on a Bird scooter and floored it home!

I don't really like talking about myself or my goals (probably because scripted drones have never really understood me). But, here on the forum I'm with my peeps, right?

Over a year ago, we relocated to LA for her job. It's a great job and she loves it, but I don't want either of us to work our way through raising a child.

I left my cushy job in Atlanta with a mind towards something bigger in LA. The Scripted life has always gnawed at me, but taking on the debt that everyone else thought was a "good idea" or "smart investment" had left me with an overhead that necessitated a job. So, I've been on the job hunt while freelancing some to make ends meet. Surely a Writer/Producer with a long, professional reel of work can get a job in the Entertainment capital of the world, right? Well, turns out its a lot harder than I expected, but the reason isn't that I'm not qualified or not trying hard enough. The reason is that I know deep down I don't really want another job that trades my time and freedom for a way to make ends meet.

See, my wife is a full on subscriber to the scripted mindset. She's never questioned it, that's just how it is. And that's okay, she will understand when the proof shows up in our bank account, and she quits her job without fear and full of excitement. I have her support, but it is limited. She believes in me, but doesn't understand the Unscripted mindset. Each day I can feel her getting closer to screaming "Well why don't you just get a damn job!" Our relationship is healthy, never better in fact, but that doesn't ease the pressure of becoming a Dad and wanting, no needing to provide the life for my family that I've always known I could achieve.

My plan is to take my domain experience (chiefly Video Production) and apply it to MY business. Youtube calls, but only as a jumping off point - to find the biggest audience and collect eyeballs. Once I can reach a tipping point there, I will redirect my audience to a channel I control. I'm in an excellent geographic location to scale my channel incredibly quickly with MCNs (multi-channel networks) right around the corner from my apartment like Fullscreen, Awesomeness TV, etc.

I will begin with an easily executable series of videos (still very high quality and contributing high value to viewers). See, I'm an idea guy. I admit that and am ashamed by all the ideas I've had where I never took that last (first?) step towards Execution. So I will start small and build in complexity from there.

I could keep typing for days, but it's time to get to work. I'm headed over to the Youtube Creator site to devour all their courses. I'll be shooting within a week and posting my first video in less than 1 month. I have a lot to learn in the way of gathering viewers & subscribers, but I'm excited, not daunted.

Let's do this!

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Oct 30, 2009
Washington DC
See, I'm an idea guy. I admit that and am ashamed by all the ideas I've had where I never took that last (first?) step towards Execution.
This is a place that a lot of us get stuck in. I recommend coming back here when you're struggling to push the go button and posting about it - the advice you get here might give you the nudge or confidence you need to start putting yourself out there and executing.


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Jul 10, 2016
Welcome to the Forum!

Dude, I'm in the same boat. I'm a year into building this business and my wife and I are expecting our first in April. And man, its really changing how I'm looking at things. Suddenly, the idea of quitting my stable, well paying day job seem even more crazy.

Video production is a great skill to have. Glad to have you here!


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Mar 16, 2017
But..... once your day comes, let your wife make her own decision about quitting her job. I tried to get mine to quit but she said she will never quit. People at this museum usually work there until they die. Some people like the feeling of working a job and maybe that is your wife so while you can suggest it, don't be pushy about it.


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Nov 7, 2015
Welcome aboard Blake, and congrats!


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Jan 26, 2017
Kolkata, India
Congratulations! We are having our third child in about 5 months and even though it's the third, the butterflies don't stop...

My advise to you from personal experience is that you can work anywhere from 20-60 hours per week depending on your comfort level. If necessary, you can take a few of those hours and trade time for money. It seems like you really know your stuff so it won't be very hard finding freelancing gigs. Look at @sinisterLex's threads here on how to find high paying jobs on Upwork. This is what I am doing by the way. You have 7 days a week, give one or two days to freelance work for some extra cash, while you work your way on your own stuff for the rest of the 5 days. And all the best!

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