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I'm 51, Now What?


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Jan 11, 2018
Redding, CA
Greetings Fellow Fastlaners,

Yes I've read/listened to both books, Unscripted about 12 times, get more each time.
Who am I, 51 year old single dad of a 14 year old boy, starting over. Just ended a 10 year relationship moving us from our 4600 square foot dream house to my 600 square foot rental that was gutted by fire (living in the rv till it's done) that I am doing a frame up rebuild on.
Work history, Lawns and trash hauling (16 years old ) Electrician (18 years old ) , Cable tv technician, turned that into my second contracting company ( 20 years old ) , drove septic truck ( 24 years old ). Heavy equipment operator, Owner bar restaurant casino, chairman of a town board, chairman of economic development committee ,Industrial construction supervisor, owned dozens of properties, 4 flex the largest, owned mortgage company, have owned a property maintenance company for the past 12 years.
Not afraid of working hard but tired of working hard at the end of someone else's leash.
In the process of converting my vertical income ( hours for dollars ) to Horizontal income. Have a few plays working now but need many, many more as well as liquidating the rest of my debt for more flexible fun vouchers ....My current focus is in real estate, current rebuild of house, own property that I will build triplex on and always looking for the next deal, secondary is to author several books and create automation program pertaining to my current business. My action plan to increase my progress is I listen to about 10 audio books a month and am implementing 1 to 2 new habits monthly to move me closer to my goals as well as cutting my work hours and adding them to my property improvement hours.
I believe that by adding value to multiple marketplaces I can achieve both my financial goals as well as life goals while, most importantly teaching my son there are better ways to live than the status quo crap he is being taught in school. I look forward to the forum and all that follows.
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Mar 25, 2015
First off, absolutely badass that you're 51 and still hungry. I absolutely love it.

" owned dozens of properties, 4 flex the largest, owned mortgage company, have owned a property maintenance company for the past 12 years. " Doesnt really sound like youre at the end of someone elses leash though! Seems like you're doing really well and you'll continue to kickass and raise a well rounded son.

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