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O/T: HEALTH Ideas to control Covid-19

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Ved Vardhan

New Contributor
Mar 9, 2020
Global Citizen
Hi All ,
I have been reading a lot about Corona Virus these days . What I have found that it spreads through :
- If an infected person sneezes,coughs near you and you inhale the droplets coming from infected person.
-If an infected person touched a surface and then you touched the same surface and then you touch your eyes,mouth,nose etc.
So basically virus enters your body through eyes,nose or mouth . I was thinking :
1. Why not have something like a motorbike helmet (which we wear while riding motorcycle) specifically made for this purpose. The helmet can have opening at the top for air to breath.These inlet/opening can have filter so as to stop droplets entering your helmet. It can also have a small speaker so that we can speak . It should also be made of very light material so that it can be wore without any problem.
By wearing such helmet you will not be able to touch your face,nose,mouth,eyes. You will also not inhale droplets from an infected person. I think it will provide way better protection then a mask .
2. I also found that if you was your hands with washing powder we use to wash clothes the washing powder do not get rinse completely . (I mean some of the detergent still remains in your hands) . Can this remaining washing powder help destruct the virus ? Any expert view ? I am asking because if the residual of washing powder can destruct the virus then we may not need to wash hands again and again .

The purpose of this thread is to find some innovative idea to help mitigate this pandemic problems. We all know its a dangerous virus and countries after countries are taking unprecedented steps .We all know they problem .Let us now try to find some ideas which can help in this pandemic . Feel free to post innovative ideas .

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