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GOLD! I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon


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Mar 30, 2019
I haven't hucked out the money for a hulu subscription to get shark tank yet, but this thread may be even better than that.
Seeing the first post describing product innovation, evolution, and coming to market; followed by so many people presenting, getting critique, and then reacting and putting their product out there is almost literally invaluable.


I've been kicking around an idea myself, for an all-natural male-oriented deodorant and deodorant line. This may do better off of amazon, but I haven't found any competitors in the space or an amazon yet, aside from one company that makes just happens to have one type of their main line being gender-neutral.

Identified value skews:
+All-natural, feel good about yourself that you're not getting industrial chemicals in your bloodstream.
+Natural scents extracted via essence
+Gentle formula that is robust but doesn't encourage reactions
+Anti-bacterial, fulfilling it's role as a deodorant
-Not anti-perspirant
-Other products in the niche can be 8-10$ per stick, mine would be too to make decent money.
-Staying power of some oils is questionable, while some may be hard to wash off

CENTS Checklist:
Control- I can produce the bars (and have) myself, but can be delegated to cosmetics labs. If one lab drops me, I pick another. Amazon itself can come down on me or clone my product, but if they do, I would make the jump to physical/online store distribution
Entry- doing it on a micro scale is relatively easy IF you want to make a paste, not a bar; Making a solid bar formula like I've developed requires a good amount of research and trial and error.
Need- This is ambiguous to me; This is something I personally want and am frustrated by, I can imagine that with the 2010s health explosion, there are other men that would want to smell great and not kill themselves while doing it
Time- Provided I construct the correct Lab> packaging > warehousing + Customer support setup, it should be fairly automated. I Haven't done this before so I may be underestimating
Scalability- If my first two offerings work, I can branch not only into further scented offerings, but different types, and potentially an entire Natural male body care suite of product.

Overall this would be a lower-profit item and much more of a commodity; my biggest inspiration for this is hearing the story of Burt's Bee's story on NPR's How I built this
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