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I feel I'm losing my focus and motivation

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May 3, 2017
I'm new to the forum, would like some guidance. I recently just got out of the Army being in five years, my mother passed away last August having no life insurance or will, I'm footing the bill for majority of estate expenses(legal cost, funeral, paying off liens). Even though I inherited my mother's property just cost of my own bills and estate is just overwhelming. Just my debt to income ratio is just high as hell.

I'm working and going to college full time to just pay the bills. I hate waking up every morning as if my life only co-exist to pay bills. I can't even enjoy myself half of the time. I just turned 29, now I'm questioning my future. I'm a entrepreneur by heart, a decade ago I ran a business that went good for 3 years, pulled out a loan for $35k at 18 to expand it, traded stocks then ran into some family issues and ended up liquidating what assets I had then I joined the army. Fast forward 5 years later, I'm out now. I miss that fire and drive I had when ten years younger.

I feel I'm losing my focus and motivation, I have passion for many things but I need to choose a path, that I'm certain I can succeed at. Just seems like I'm all over the place with all these mini projects. I'm getting a degree in business admin or finance to become a stock broker. As for right now studying to get my RE license so I could have a other stream of income. I've built websites over the years, but mainly using wordpress templates but would be interested in programming and coding maybe even video games. I've been writing a sci-fi book for last six years as like a back burner project now. I know Nebraska won't give me opportunity I need, but I've been heavily thinking about going to NY after I get my degree in business, to get my MBA there. I'm not 20 anymore, almost 30 and need to choose a path of career. It's just like I said I feel I'm losing my focus on my true goal to become financially independent, and everyday it's a losing battle. Any advice?

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