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How to work a second job from your crappy office

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Sep 15, 2007
Colorado Springs
haha that's a great one. It happens every day too -- even more blatantly.

I work for one of the top 3 PC makers in the world, and last year we hadn't seen a women for about 6 months. People began to ask questions since she hadn't quit, but she also hadn't been in the office or answering emails from home, etc... Turns out she left to take another job and was just collecting her paychecks the whole time to see if anybody noticed, and just waiting to get fired. LOL ;)

One day... one day ;)

- Hakrjak


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Jul 25, 2007

I know someone who took a paid leave of absence,
worked a contract gig during that time,
and then came back to the company.

To be fair,
she didn't want the leave of absence.
The execs talked her into it
because they didn't want to lose her.
(They did eventually
but not before she launched a few more very successful products).


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Sep 15, 2007
Colorado Springs
Yeh I understand that most people don't want to burn their bridges, but if you work for a giant corporation where people get lost easily and nobody knows when you're coming or going -- why ever quit? ;) When I leave the rat race one day, I'll see how long it takes for them to miss me too... LOL


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