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How To Qualify Your BEST Leads?

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Dec 20, 2012
Vancouver, Sydney, London
I'm marketing a fully automated bot that is generating very high returns for my investors. The set up process requires 1 on 1 help on my end. As I've been sending them a step-by-step set up document to do it themselves, but they don't take action on it and they take ages to respond. So - Now I'm looking into closing the deals more 1 on 1 (in-person, meetings, etc). A large portion of my current clients have been closed through 1 on 1 meetings and 1 on 1 calls.

I'm using multiple channels for lead generation and it's going great in terms of lead acquisition.

The issue is that with the higher the quantity, it seems the less the quality (in terms of leads responding back on time, closing the deal, them being fully serious, etc).

I want to go for that top 20% that take action the fastest.

I'll still follow up relentlessly with the other 80%, but I want to know how to close the serious investors.

Eg. Questionnaire, scheduling a call/meeting, etc? My original concern was that I didn't want to ask for too much to get them on the phone or in a meeting (But now I realise that's stupid, because if they can't even have a scheduled call or meeting - Then they weren't serious in the first place).

What is the best way to qualify that Top 20% of leads that are the easiest and fastest to close? (AKA, the serious ones who WILL take action).

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Dec 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
fully automated bot that is generating very high returns for my investors
You have 3 threads on this bot.

Your threads are starting to look more like subtle advertising than actually asking for help.


Bronze Contributor
Dec 20, 2012
Vancouver, Sydney, London
You have 3 threads on this bot.

Your threads are starting to look more like subtle advertising than actually asking for help.
I'm genuinely trying to get help with it. That I can promise you. Apologies if it comes across as a subtle advertisement as it's really not. Although, you've given me a good idea to put it in my signature. But nah, I don't need to advertise on here as that's not scalable at all. I might just create a "Process Thread" and ask questions there then if it comes across like I'm trying to subtlety advertise, because I'm not (and it wouldn't be effective anyways compared to my existing marketing channels quite honestly).

Thanks for pointing it out though, appreciated.

With that said, would you have any advice on the question possibly?

Can you find a pattern with the ones you've already closed? Can you curate a customer profile based off them?
Good points. It's interesting how people from the outside can give an incredible outlook sometimes compared to when you're bogged and focused on the inside!

Pattern of my existing investors - All 1 on 1 sign ups via instant messaging, phone, or in-person meeting. They then invest after. The leads that fade away are the ones where I send them a long "step-by-step" set up document that takes them from signing up to investing... and they just don't reply to it after (Im guessing its too much and they forget about it).

Leads me to think that I need to set up a 1 on 1 consultation/call no matter what.

Existing customer profiles - Savvy folks who already have invested in Crypto. People who are serious leads that take action on it. Some who are even very forthcoming about signing up and investing which makes it easier for me.


I suppose I'm answering my own questions above - I suppose I'm trying to figure out the best way to convince someone to get into a consultation/meeting with you? My current problem is after they say "yes tell me more", I send them the jam-packed info of how it works along with a set-up document and then they stop replying.

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