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OFF-TOPIC How to Look Good Naked

Discussion in 'Off Topic: Sports, Funnies, Pop-Culture' started by GoldenEggs, Jan 27, 2008.

  1. GoldenEggs

    GoldenEggs Contributor

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    Sep 4, 2007
    Silicon Valley, CA
    Rep Bank:
    Has anyone else watched this show? Carson, from Queer Eye, hosts the show and it features a woman who is unhappy with her appearance and he helps them to appreciate themselves. The few times that I have seen it, I ended up all teary-eyed. There was one girl who rarely brushed her teeth because she hated what she saw in the mirror. When Carson asked the mother about her own dental hygenie, she admitted to brushing her teeth in the hallway to avoid seeing her own image. He also has the women examine their bodies in a mirror, standing only in their underwear, and describe what they see. Fat, jiggly, droopy, saggy, ugly and disgusting were some of the words the women used to describe themselves. It breaks my heart to see how harsh women can be on themselves.

    Anyways, the show is better than what I expected.
  2. phlgirl

    phlgirl Bronze Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane

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    Aug 29, 2007
    Rep Bank:
    Guilty :)

    I stumbled upon this show late one night (must have been after my husband was asleep, cause I never would have gotten away with it, had he been awake)!

    It made me sad to see women wtih a view of themselves, which is so distorted. I think it is a very common problem and think its great that they are trying to address it with a show such as this.

    I have to admit this is an issue which weighs frequently on my mind. How does it happen that so many women have appearence as THE dominating focus in their lives? It may be my age - or where I live/who I associate with, etc. but I would say that over 50% of the girls/women I know have had or plan to have surgeries to modify things about themselves. I have learned to let people live their own lives.... whatever makes someone happy....but it really does sadden me to think that this is a primary concern for so many women.

    Sometimes it makes me wonder if women (or men) feel this way becuase they are lacking 'other' areas of focus, of which they could be proud. Be it a business, a charity....anything which might make them feel like they had some type of impact on the world.

    I'd be lying if I said it didn't affect me as well. I certainly like to put my best foot forward. I like to think that I would not ever need/want to take such drastic measures but who knows.... talk to me in 10/20/30 years.... I may have a different view.

    I agree with you, Golden, women are too hard on themselves. Even worse, they are often far too hard on each other.
    GoldenEggs likes this.
  3. Russ H

    Russ H Gold Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

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    Jul 25, 2007
    Napa Valley, CA
    Rep Bank:
    Too true.

    A friend of mine likened women to wrapped gifts. He said too many people focus on the shiny wrapping, when what's really important is what's inside. :)

    -Russ H.

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