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Anything related to matters of the mind


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Jun 28, 2014
One of the biggest promises of entrepreneurship is total freedom:

  • Be successful and no one can shit on you anymore because you don't have to care about others.

  • Be successful and you can go and buy whatever you want.

  • Be successful and you can finally relax and feel good about yourself without any more worries.

  • Be successful and <insert your own anticipated freedom here>

That's all fine and well, but with this post I'd like to tell you that freedom is available for you now, already, today. Freedom is a state of mind that is independent from your outer world circumstances, and you can have it even if you're broke, have to set an alarm for work tomorrow, and have a thousand people want more of your time.

When you have achieved this freedom, you're exponentially more relaxed and productive. You feel no pressure and able to do what you want when you want it. This resembles the life of a millionaire who also lives being a millionaire. Many don't, they keep on hustling as if they'd fall over tomorrow. On the opposite end, many non-millionaires already feel and live like millionaires which saves them from a lot of emotional anguish about needing to hit that money goal. They don't care about money that much and feel comfortable with or without a large amount.

You can feel 100% free without bullshitting or deluding yourself, harm your work ethic, or draw any negative consequences into your life. Instead, you will feel more yourself, productive, and easy-going. Free. And you could even have it today.

How? Welcome to this post.

As I've already said, freedom is a consequence of your inner state. I'm going to keep myself practical and easy to follow here, trusting that the right people will pick it up:

1. Think of freedom or any of the desired consequences of it

Maybe close your eyes, imagine it vividly. Make it real, feel the wanting, the not having, the "I need to hustle hard for it", the "maybe in the future", and also the "but I can't because of x".

Allow in what you're usually running away from by just sitting down and work or distracting yourself and procrastinating. Notice that these thoughts don't feel good, that you'd rather not have them, are afraid of them, or angry, or feel helpless about changing them. That's fine.

2. Realize that these are just thoughts

This step is important. However vivid your imagination got, realize that it's only in your mind. You are physically safe now, just doing an exercise. There might be resistance against the "negativity" but guess what, it's there whether you look at it or not. This is actually getting it out of the way forever.

3. Realize that these thoughts are emotionally charged

Why does this hurt but thinking about "tree" doesn't? They are emotionally charged and they are charged in a negative way. The thoughts feel so real and harmful because they are about protecting your "I". The I wants to survive, and that's fine. Every perceived danger starts the survival machine called emotions.

4. Realize that neither the thoughts, nor the feelings are ultimately real

Stop assuming that your mind is right. Neither the story of anticipated freedom, nor the emotions are about anything that's physically verifiable right now. See that the mind is trying to predict how the future is going to look like. See that this is an attempt to prolong your survival, improve your odds. See that you have no F*cking idea what's really going to happen. See that it's all in your mind and you're behaving like a slave when you're trying to conform to its story. How much movement this has created in your life, how much anxiety and turmoil!

Don't worry, this is going to stop now.

5. Allow it all

Allow the mind to spin, the stories of "but I need this!", "it is real!", "I will die/not work otherwise anymore!", "fall back into the slowlane!", etc. See that all of this happening inside you and thus is not you.

Allow the emotions to tell you that you are in danger, that you should defend yourself, or that the situation is helpless anyway. Man up and stop trying to feel better through distraction or working, thus suppressing what's going on. See that all of this is an attempt to keep this pattern of pain with the hopeful payoff of a prolonged survival.

Realize that the thoughts and the emotions are happening inside you, and that you are factually safe right now. Let it all happen. Surrender. Stop resisting it. Give up. Face your destiny. This is what's real right now, so accept it.

Don't try to make it go away, and don't try to hang on to it. This may be difficult in the beginning, but it gets easier over time and with practice. It's a process.

6. Sigh in relief

Your experience will turn into a battlefield for however long this process takes. During it, you will feel disturbed, the need to escape, do, be productive, gain and achieve, eat, run, and anything else. It might feel like it's never going to end. This is why you need to learn trusting.

And afterwards, you will sigh in relief.

You will have realized experientially that your drama was happening only inside you. When everything is processed out, you will never think about freedom again and see that it was always you. No matter what you get or what you don't get, it won't change a tiny bit about how free you feel.

And when this happens, you will have deserved it, because you have done the work of facing yourself. Of facing the inner fears that wanted to convince you that they are real. Now this freedom is yours, for the rest of your life.

You are free to work or not, but "to work for freedom" is no longer an issue. You are calmer, more tranquil and accepting, and got a wider, truer perspective of the world.

And now I can actually tell you the truth about freedom: You have bullshitted yourself all the time believing that you were not free and "dependent". You have allowed mindless reactions to determine your life, instead of waking up and seeing that it's not real.

7. Repeat this process for pressure, being controlled, and forced

Now that you are free of wanting a positive outcome, "more freedom", do the same for the negative side of the coin, "less pressure". What you want to get away from. It's the exact same thing.

So, do yourself a favor, start feeling free like a millionaire today, and keep it effortlessly for the rest of your life. Allow yourself to face what is and your reward is guaranteed, sooner or later.
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