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How much are we TRULY in control

Brian Suh

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May 19, 2018
How much of what we have decided in our life are in our control?
I see so many people ruining their health and soul's calling in order to get more money.
Maybe their parents told them they were worthless and now they are trying to prove them wrong. Maybe they were picked on and now that ego bruise needs to compensate by getting money. If you speak to them, they look soulless. They have sold their soul to the devil (metaphorically speaking).

Only take action from a place of self love. Take action from a place of "THIS LOOKS FUN" or "I wonder what would happen if i did this?" This is the mindset of a child looking at the world in wonder. WIthout all the wounding. This does not mean to be immature. Look towards the future but keep . your awareness on the present. If you don't life will zoom by without you knowing and you will look back on your life on your deathbed with regret.

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Jul 19, 2017
Solving Pain
In short, you have no control over any one event. You gain control by pumping forward even if it hurts and is very uncomfortable.

The more of these little actions you wind up and send out, the better your odds will be. (while avoiding dumb things like AIDS situations)Look up the Gumball machine metaphor in Unscripted for more.

(The more consistently you hone your actions on CENTS, the more you will have probability leveraged in your favor.)

Frank H.

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Dec 22, 2018
Brilliant post! I definitely agree that work should feel like play and be fun. A good career/job will help you wake up excited for the day.

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