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How do you build a bridge?

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New Contributor
Oct 23, 2007
Clarksville, TN
I watch The Big Idea on CNBC and they asked a question and I am interested in the answer so I bought it to you all (I know alot of quitters or people that are scared to try so they probably wouldn't be there in the first place). Here is the real question:
How do you not lose focus when everything seems to be going against you? When things don't work out, or every bank you go to says no. Things of that nature. How do you handle that?
I have been an internet marketer and mlm'er for a while now and neither of those seem to be as hard as it is to launch a business. It is as if the NO from the bank is a lot harsher than someone hanging up on you or yelling at you on the phone or computer. Is it the fact that you are sitting in front of the banker that makes it so bad? How do you keep confidence in your voice once you are at your third bank of the day?

My answer, I view Business the same way as I view learning to ride a bike. In the beginning you may fall, but each time you fall it makes you want to ride even more. I let the no's empower me. Each time I hear no, it makes me even more excited to keep moving. Each no is like practice for a yes.:cheers:

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Legendary Contributor
Speedway Pass
Aug 24, 2007
Every time you hear a "no", you should ask "Why not?"

If it's a bank or customer saying no, there's probably a good reason, and if you can ascertain that reason, you may be able to get them to change their mind, or at least address the concern so that you have a better chance of getting a "yes" from the next bank or customer.

Turn the "no" into a learning experience, and you won't mind the "no" nearly as much...


Aug 28, 2007
Most "Bankers" are following a route plan to decide if you get the loan or not.
They are not sitting there thinking about you personally or even about your business plan or the reason you are borrowing the money.
They want to see that your answers fit into the box for the questions their particular institution asks.
It is their job to loan x amount of money for x amount of risk and to manage the out come. You just need to find out what they want to hear. I have applied for loans and been turned down only to find out it was because they felt I was not asking for enough money. So when you go for that interview, control the conversation after you introduce yourself and make small talk ask "what is your bank looking for in a borrower?". If you get a superficial answer ask for more specifics, you conduct the interview remeber you are the customer not them.
The turn downs you experience are practice for you to find out what questions you have to answer and what answers they want to hear.


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