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INTRO Hi, hello and ummm lets get started!

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New Contributor
Jun 10, 2017
London, UK
Hi there guys. Been lurking around the forum for a while and recently attended a meet up locally for the Fastlane. It has been great fun just sitting and absorbing in all the knowledge and experience of MJ DeMarco and the other users here both good and bad. It has made realise just how many people are at the same starting stages as myself.

I've seen everything from those who haven't quite reached critical mass but are building up the first/second or third prototype getting ready to soar or fail. To others who haven't the faintest clue what they're doing but they know the path they're on just isn't 'right'. While the determined select few are further along the path but struggling trying to adjust the rudders and get the propeller speed up to get them to that next level. With all that I've seen I think I'm ready to take the next step and immerse myself a further in rather than standing back and talking and reading about it.

I personally find myself in the same early stages as a lot of you found yourself in with loads of experience from my day job and really relevant skills that could be put to good use for my own freedom rather than making my CEO rich. With my personal life looking free for the next 6 months I really want to push that hard and attempt by own version of the fall flat or soar prototype. So I thought I should make the first move and give myself an introduction and start the ball rolling both practical experience and knowledge building wise. Maybe even document a bit of it along the way if even just to keep myself sane or help keep company with the others out there doing the same thing.

I've got a minds eye of what I want to focus on but I am taking the first steps at quantifying the products and web services I want to start and I am objectively analysing them before fully committing in any which way. Using the 5 pillars of the Fastlane (Need, Entry, Control, Scale and Time) and the other business evaluative aspects of project management I want to force myself to compete, develop and above all make me accountable for my success or failure. I can't just skirt life in the slow lane any longer.

I hope to be a help to you guys in the future and I hope for some honest constructive feedback/criticism.

So uhh yeh hi, hello and ummm lets get started!

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MJ DeMarco

Staff member
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome aboard my friend.

Late Bloomer

Gold Contributor
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Apr 17, 2018
Hi Event, "loads of experience from my day job and really relevant skills" - what are these? - Chris

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