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INTRO Hello to everyone! Just started taking real action

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Dec 30, 2019
Hello, my name is Paul. I am younger than most of you on this forum at 19. This is my introduction post, and I hope I can inspire some of you with it!

This last year has been really great for me. You see, I was action faking for a while. Like many others, I fell into the trap of only reading books, listening to this guy, that guy. Do amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, dropshipping... whatever... blah blah blah. Young and dumb, I followed a few gurus, it never felt genuine, and they always had an agenda. I couldn't find a place where someone was talking about actually creating courses rather than selling courses all the time.

One day, I came across TMF, I read it two times in one month, and it really hit hard... so one year ago I unfollowed all the gurus and decided to take real action.

I set out some goals on what I want to learn and achieve over the next few years. I applied mathematics to my goals, as MJ suggested. But most importantly, I decided that whatever happens, I will take action every single day.

I limited myself to only three options on what to do every day:

  1. Work on a Fastlane venture
  2. Work on learning a Fastlane skill
  3. Or work on a side hustle (if I don't have a Fastlane right now)

Doing nothing is not an option! No matter what happens, if I'm out of Fastlane ideas/ broke/ whatever, at least one of these options will always be available to me at any point in time no matter what. And any of these options are 10x better than doing nothing.

So a year ago, I started. I was fresh outta high school, I needed money and, ideally, learn a business skill. So naturally, I got a job in sales. It was cold calling over the phone (so not that fun but a great learning experience). I went in knowing nothing about sales and being terrified of my first cold call to doing really well. After 6 months, I saved up a few thousand dollars in the bank. At this point, I could start experimenting with Wordpress and digital marketing in general. I started learning about copywriting and started a little project. Still ongoing.

I found I am making real progress, learning real skills, and overall having a strong direction in life. And these things make me happy to go through the process and to provide actual value to other people. Instead of waiting to be "happy when I get rich because it is all about me me ME and my lifestyle business."

Just a month ago I got a new sales job. I am making double the amount than my last job and I actually don't have to get yelled at over the phone anymore. Meanwhile, still learning and practicing copywriting (it has been 4 months now). I got really inspired by The "Astonishing Secrets" Thread post by @IceCreamKid . Trying to write a little bit every day at this point. Applying a lot of what I learned in sales about psychology to writing copy. Trying to get as much out there to be seen by people.

At this point, I also have found a need and working on executing it. Maybe a progress thread is coming soon.

This is the beginning of a long journey. And who cares if it takes 2, 5 or even 10 years to get there. It is not like people have anything better to do. I want to enjoy the process, have fun with it, and provide value to other people.

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to @MJ DeMarco and to this amazing community. Thank you for giving me a place with so much great info, mindset, and people who actually take action. I finally found a place of people who talk about creating courses rather than selling courses.

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Jan 27, 2020
Boston, MA
Welcome! Your mindset is excellent and you express yourself very well. You have already made great progress this past year. Keep going - at 19, you have lots of time, and remember, the next 1, 5 and 10 years are going to pass anyway - you might as well do something awesome!

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