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INTRO Hello, I'm discerning


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Feb 10, 2018
I've posted a bit on here already but haven't done a proper intro. Lately I'm stuck so I figured I'd spill the beans and maybe get wacked into shape.

In middle school I sold pencils, pogs, and made some real money with soda cans. Teachers let it fly because I was a good kid and probably didn't want to crush my entrepreneurial spirit. I'm an introvert and typically don't socialize with people in groups for very long (lose conversation material). I read TMF and Unscripted, mid 30s white guy in TX USA (scary to think I'm this old already), bachelors degree barely every used, been sort of Peter-Pan'ing / dabbling since... forever. I had 2 years of running my own business (owning my job) as a lawn mowing service. I sold it a year ago (that qualifies as something... right?) because I didn't want to continue down that road. But I made more money than I ever thought I would cutting grass. I learned some cool shit about work ethic, efficiency(I love this) and what's possible if you hustle. Discerning, picky, perfectionist... those are the words that describe my attitude towards what I willing to pursue. At this moment I feel like very little of anything is worth going after.
Don't follow your passion. I get it. I use to think it was a good idea. But I understand why it's not. I do think it's important to do something *useful* however. And by useful, I mean, something to pump up my ego because it changes the world. (I'm only sort of not-joking).

That's why I stopped mowing lawns. True, I could have tried to grown the business to become a monster and take over the market. I want to do something that is sorely needed.

Lately I've been thinking of taking some community college courses just to get out and learn something. I've been studying psychology through youtube via Jordan Peterson. Researched a couple business ideas but those fizzled due to high cost of real estate where I am.

In TMF, MJ talks about the RAS. Renticular Activating System. I feel that's the key as to why I'm lost. I can't see much. That and I'm picky as hell. Any tips on how you expose yourself to new environments other than joining new groups?
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Jun 8, 2019
For someone who wants to fill others' needs, you seem pretty focused on your own problems. Maybe if you focused on other people's problems instead, you would find a need you could fill.

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